Tributaries HEC HDMI

Tributaries is now offering HEC HDMI cables with Ethernet. 3/11/2011 1:03 PM Eastern

Tributaries HEC HDMI

Mar 11, 2011 6:03 PM

Tributaries is now offering HEC HDMI cables with Ethernet. The new models are compatible with the new HDMI v1.4 upgrades. The new HEC cable has one extra conductor in the number 14-pin position, previously unused on the HDMI connector for the dedicated Ethernet channel. Tributaries has decreased the overall length of the HDMI connector body by approximately a quarter of an inch. To ensure proper signal transmission over longer lengths, the cables feature Go! Technology, an on-board miniature passive network built into the receiving-end connector. As a result, the cables with Go! Technology are directional. To ensure the cables are connected correctly, a label is attached to the cable near the receiving-end connector. Price: NA

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