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WEBCAST On Demand: AVB/TSN Time-sensitive Networking Demystified

On Demand 4/01/2016 2:13 PM Eastern
Tue, Mar 1, 2016 2:00 PM EST

On Demand


Good stadards get added to; bad standards die

What does TSN add to the standard?
Why does that matter to Pro AV?
How is AVB/TSN backward compatible with AVB?
What does this mean for control data over AVB networks?
What does it mean for interoperability?
What does AVB/TSN have to do with DetNet?
Is IEEE 1588 Precise Timing Protocol important?
What about AVB/TSN and AES67? And IP?
What are the barriers to AVB/TSN deployment?
What about those switches?
What are your questions? (We’ll answer them)



On Demand

This webcast with Intel experts on time-sensitive networking will quickly bring you up to speed on what AVB/TSN is, why the standard was expanded in this way, why AVnu is embracing it, and what this means to the systems you’re designing and specifying.

AVB met its time-synchronization and latency performance goals via the implementation of the relevant IEEE 1722 and 802.1 Ethernet standards. Now, the TSN advances to the Ethernet standard bring additional improvements in latency for both non-engineered and engineered networks, wider redundancy, and perhaps most importantly support for all data types (including Control).

This free, 45-minute webcast brings together Greg Schlector, technical marketing strategist at Intel, Kevin B. Stanton, Intel Sr. Principal Engineer and SVC Chief Editor Cynthia Wisehart for a practical roundtable to dispel some myths, give you a practical overview of AVB/TSN


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