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Dodge Ram Promaster

4/15/2017 6:06 PM Eastern
Dodge Ram Promaster
The Ram ProMaster features a front-wheel-drive system that allows for impressive traction and mobility on the road. The 36-foot turning diameter helps Ram Pro- Master navigate crowded city streets, worksites, or loading docks with confidence. The Ram ProMaster is available in several cargo lengths: 105.1in., 122.8in., 145.9in., and 160.2in. The standard cargo height is 65.4in. on the 118in. WB models; and there is 76.0in. cargo height available on all other WB models. The maximum cargo width is 75.6in. and it has a width between wheel wells of 55.8in. The cargo area’s vertical walls optimize the space available for storage and upfits that fit against the walls. And with up to 49-inch openings on the sliding side doors and an over 60-inch doorway in the rear, all access points are wide enough to accommodate standard pallets. Users can walk from the cab to the cargo area or, while seated, rotate the 180-degree driver and front passenger swivel seats (available on cloth seats only) to easily access the rear of the van. Additionally, the Ram ProMaster allows for longer intervals between oil change — up to 10,000 miles.
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