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Celebrating InfoComm International’s 75th Anniversary

See what people are saying about InfoComm International as the trade association celebrates its 75th anniversary. 6/04/2014 1:39 PM Eastern

Celebrating InfoComm International’s 75th Anniversary

Jun 4, 2014 5:39 PM

See what people are saying about InfoComm International as the trade association celebrates its 75th anniversary.

One of the interview questions we asked: How has InfoComm impacted your career?

InfoComm has helped provide me with training information. Crystal Balthrop, ASID, LEED AP, CTS, Interior Design Specialist, Technical Innovation

It has helped me gain confidence in the AV industry. I am referenced by some of my peers as an AV expert, which makes me chuckle with pride. I am very modest, so I feel silly when someone says it. I feel incredible at the same time, because of the respect. I also started my own company two and a half years ago, and AV is a huge focus for my company. I am not sure that I would be here without my involvement with InfoComm. –Heather Callaway, RCDD, LEED AP, CTS-D, Technology Consultant, Callaway Design Group

It has allowed me to be completely surrounded by people who are passionate about this industry. –Jay McCutcheon, CTS-D, Chief Engineer for South Central AV

It's served as a marker for my seriousness about learning, about revealing that I've learned. Through the InfoComm discussion groups on LinkedIn and other places I've grown a network of fellow professionals with whom I can talk about technologies, the AV environment as a whole, and can learn with. –Leonard Suskin, CTS-D, Audiovisual Design Consultant for Shen, Milson and Wilke

AV is an industry full of rules of thumb, vendor promises, and wild guesses in design. Audio/video is inherently a very glitzy, glamorous industry much like architecture. InfoComm takes the glitz and makes it organized, realistic, manageable, certifiable, and measurable much like the AIA does for architecture. I have learned a lot about the industry due to the courses, certifications, standards, and trade shows. –Nick Oelke, PE, RCDD/ESS, CTS-D, PSP, CFPS, CDT, LEED AP, Technology Project Engineer, AECOM

The biggest impacts for me personally have been the eye-opening experiences at the InfoComm shows in 2010, 2011 and 2012, along with the spectacularly executed Design Boot Camp series and achieving my CTS-D. Having the chance to learn from the most respected and established veterans of our industry is immeasurably valuable, and the small group format of the boot camp gives great perspective into how other design professionals do their jobs and handle the unique challenges of our industry. –Barry Soto, CTS-D, AV Design Specialist for The Audio Visual Company

Certainly taking InfoComm classes has dramatically improved my expertise in the AV profession, and has allowed me to extend that training into our own company as I develop and provide internal training sessions to my teammates. The certification program has also provided a much higher degree of legitimacy to our expertise in the marketplace, allowing architects and other trades to see us as professional peers. –Mike Pedersen, CTS-D, CTS-I, Senior Staff Engineer, Mechdyne Corporation

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