AMX WorshipManager a Comprehensive Solution for Management of Church Facilities

AMX WorshipManager software allows users to monitor and maintain facilities across church campuses 8/02/2007 4:00 AM Eastern

AMX WorshipManager a Comprehensive Solution for Management of Church Facilities

Aug 2, 2007 8:00 AM

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WorshipManager, part of AMX's Resource Management Suite, delivers a simple way to monitor and maintain sanctuaries, auditoriums, classrooms, offices, bookstores, and guest kiosks throughout church campuses. This exclusive AMX software integrates with popular scheduling systems and the automation/management of room resources including audiovisual and environmental systems.

The software allows worship facility managers to proactively maintain equipment and check equipment/system status and Hot List for equipment errors. It provides realtime monitoring and problem notifications, as well as two-way messaging and paging. A flexible, intuitive interface lets users select how and what they want to monitor, schedule rooms, and pre-configure equipment.

Security features include the ability to configure security processes to support IT security scenarios and to password-protect administrative functions.

In addition, users can perform complete diagnostics and analysis remotely via Telnet, web control, and FTP and create electronic signage with custom display graphics using Modero touchpanels.

The software offers users scheduling functionality as well—they can schedule, end, or extend a meeting at the touchpanel or web interface if they have Outlook or Exchange software, and preset lights, audio, and climate for every event. A Do Not Disturb feature prevents event interruptions, and a doorbell on an external panel notifies room occupants of visitors.

Also available is the ability to create instant web-based reports, or export log data for customized reports. Instant reports include Help Requests, Room Usage, Lamp Hours, Source Usage, and System/Device Usage.

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