beyerdynamic TG 1000 Wireless System

The TG 1000 digital wireless system features a switching bandwidth of 319MHz. 6/19/2013 1:01 PM Eastern

beyerdynamic TG 1000 Wireless System

Jun 19, 2013 5:01 PM

beyerdynamic TG 1000

beyerdynamic TG 1000

beyerdynamic (Booth 127) is launching the new TG 1000 digital wireless system with a switching bandwidth of 319MHz, offering a safe longterm solution for all those who are affected by the redistribution of radio frequencies. With a bandwidth of 319MHz, the new system covers a UHF frequency range from 470 to 789MHz. This provides the advantage of virtually unlimited use in two regards: first, it leaves enough clearance to bypass interferences by other users in the assigned frequency range, and second, the system’s bandwidth enables it to function worldwide. beyerdynamic’s new digital wireless system with an impressive dynamic range of 128dB and digital 24-bit converters lay the foundation for high-resolution, professional audio transmission. With distortion-free sound reproduction even in the ultra-deep bass range (20Hz) and crystal-clear audio transmission, the system will not only impress speakers, but also the most demanding musicians, from classical performers to rock guitarists. The company’s TriplePlay codec enables the digital wireless system to achieve short latency times (2.1 milliseconds), high fault tolerance, quality sound reproduction, and high performance level that professional users expect.

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