CASE STUDY: Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian Church, Virginia

6/30/2016 12:25 AM Eastern


Danley SH-69 Loudspeakers

Available for install or touring, these flexible loudspeakers offer seamless arrays in the 60-degree horizontal orientation and, when rotated 90 degrees, a 90x60 pattern. They provide performance in a compact design; a single box houses two 12in. woofers, six 4in. midrange, and a 1in. high frequency driver.

Founded in Bon Air, Virginia in 1969, the Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian Church has seen steady growth due in part to its commitment to punctuating services with a variety of styles of music. So when the church built a new 500-seat sanctuary, everyone wanted a sound reinforcement system that could help elevate that impact. In consultation with Richmondbased AV integration firm RTW Media, Stony Point installed an LCR system composed of Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers, subwoofers, and DSP-enabled amplifiers.

“Despite all the incredible musical talent at Stony Point, the old sanctuary had less-than-ideal sound reinforcement in a challenging acoustical environment,” explains Ross Milby, Stony Point’s volunteer FOH engineer who worked with RTW Media on the design and installation of the system; the relationship worked out so well, he ultimately joined RTW Media’s team as a regional accounts manager.

“We also needed it for clarity of spoken word,” Milby continues. The local Danley reps coordinated a demonstration of a small Danley system at the church, and then RTW took it a step further, inviting the church team to InfoComm for side-by-side comparisons to other speaker manufacturers. “The ability to custom paint the speaker cabinets was simply icing on the cake, because we could have superior performance while perfectly meshing with the aesthetics in the new sanctuary.”

Stony Point went with an LCR system so that Milby could mix vocals and spoken word to the center channel and spread out the musical instruments between the left and right loudspeakers for maximum clarity. Three point-source Danley SH-69 loudspeakers comprise the LCR system, with low-end support from a single Danley TH-118 subwoofer underneath the stage.

“I was skeptical that a single TH-118 could provide enough low end for the size of our new sanctuary,” says Milby. “But I was blown away! It sounds great!”

A pair of two-channel Danley DLA 7500 amplifiers powers the system, with loudspeaker conditioning supplied by optional on-board DSP. A Midas Pro 1 digital mixer provides user control for the system, and two portable Midas DL153 stage boxes connect the system to stage left and stage right.

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