DPA Microphones d:fine

A headset microphone from DPA. 11/22/2011 11:15 AM Eastern

DPA Microphones d:fine

Nov 22, 2011 4:15 PM

DPA Microphones d:fine

DPA Microphones has introduced the d:fine single-ear headset microphone. The d:fine is a one-ear headset that has been ergonomically designed to fit easily and seamlessly. It will adjust to fit any ear size and head shape while mounting on either the left or right side of the head. The d:fine Omni is sensitive to sound from all directions, making the positioning of the headset less critical and can be done by untrained personnel. The d:fine offers accurate, natural voice intelligibility along with high SPL capabilities. The omni microphone is generally not sensitive to wind, breathing, or handling noise. A service connector splits the cable from the microphone boom and allows for quick exchange of cable lengths/colors/connectors and is valuable for servicing if a cable is damaged. Price: NA

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