Focus on Houses of Worship: New Products

The Evolution 912 S prepolarized condenser boundary mic features a half-cardioid pickup pattern that has been acoustically optimized 10/01/2007 8:00 AM Eastern

Focus on Houses of Worship: New Products

Oct 1, 2007 12:00 PM

Evolution 912 S microphone


The Evolution 912 S prepolarized condenser boundary mic features a half-cardioid pickup pattern that has been acoustically optimized for speech applications. The e 912 S boundary microphone features an unobtrusive design that permits discreet placement on flat surfaces such as conference tables, lecterns, and altars. The mic has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz, and it offers a maximum sound pressure level of 134dB at 1kHz. It also features integrated electronics, rather than an in-line preamp, and it is supplied with a gold-plated XLR connector.

GNVP condenser mics

Astatic Commercial Audio

The GNVP series of continuously variable pattern, quick-mount, miniature gooseneck mics are designed primarily for speech and vocal pickup. They are available in 10in., 15in., and 20in. lengths for mounting on lecterns, pulpits, and conference tables.

Navigator system processors


The new Navigator processors feature a new hardware platform, new software, intuitive wall-mounted remote control panels, and a broader range of input/output choices for even greater flexibility. They function as speaker processors, matrix mixers, and signal routers, and they offer easy and secure configuration of commercial or worship sound systems, as well as superior sound quality.

V Series loudspeaker


The V Series loudspeaker is the natural choice for the design system engineer in acoustically critical applications—such as theaters, acoustic music venues, and houses of worship—providing premium audio performance, vocal intelligibility, and optimum coverage. In addition, it provides accuracy that reinforces the performance while remaining unobtrusive to the audience.

DA-500F-HL and DA-550F amplifiers

TOA Electronics

The DA-500F-HL and DA-550F multichannel amplifiers operate at 85-percent efficiency and consume almost one-third less power than conventional analog amplifiers. Lightweight and compact in size (only 2RU), the new DA-series amplifiers are ideal for multizone distributed loudspeaker systems. The new DA-500F-HL can drive both high- and low-impedance loudspeaker loads with four channels of 500W at 70V or 550W at 8V. The low-impedance DA-550F provides four channels of 550W at 4VΩor two channels of 1100W at 8VΩin bridged mode.

MFX mixer


The new MFX mixer uses the same AudioDNA processor found in many Lexicon and DigiTech outboard products, and it also boasts a user settings store function, three parameter controls, tap tempo, and 32 effects presets. The versatile mixer features built-in Lexicon effects, in addition to two group busses, two aux sends, one FX send on each channel, and two stereo input channels, all offered in three frame sizes—eight, 12, and 20 inputs. The wide range of features makes the mixer the perfect solution for many venues, including theaters, small music venues, restaurants, and houses of worship.

Nexo NXAmp 4×4 and 4×1 amplifiers


The Nexo NXAmp 4x4 and 4x1 high-powered amplifiers, powered by Yamaha EEEngine technology, provide cost-effective integration of command, control, protection, and amplification of all Nexo loudspeaker systems. The amplifiers offer sonic purity of conventional Class AB, but with a heat dissipation equaling Class-D technology. The UL-certified models both feature four amplifier channels that can be configured in 2x2 bridge mode providing up to 4x4000W at 2V per channel or 2x8000W at 4V per channel on the NX 4x4 and 4x1300W per channel at 2V or 2x2600W per channel at 4V on the NX 4x1.;

Crimp-XLR cable connector


The Crimp-XLR cable connector is the crimp-termination version of the Neutrik XX- and DLX-series connectors, an ideal solution for volume cable assemblies and solderless RoHS applications. It is available in several models for greater versatility and faster assembly. The three-pole FXX (NC3FXX-A-D) and MXX (NC3MXX-A-D) cable connectors are terminated on semi-automated machines and include boot assembly and cable testing, while the three-pole FXX and MXX connectors and the three-pole NC3FD-LX-HA and NC3MD-LX-HA chassis connectors are terminated with hand-crimp tools.

WorshipManager automation software


WorshipManager software integrates with popular scheduling systems to provide for the automation/management of room resources including AV and environmental systems and to help churches monitor and maintain their sanctuaries, auditoriums, classrooms, offices, bookstores, and guest kiosks. Worship facility managers can use the software to proactively maintain equipment and check equipment/ system status and equipment errors. It provides realtime monitoring and problem notifications, as well as two-way messaging and paging. Users with Outlook or Exchange software can also take advantage of scheduling functionality including ending or extending a meeting at the touchpanel or web interface, and presetting lights, audio, and climate for every event.

XDR95 digital wireless system

X2 Digital Wireless Systems

The XDR95 multichannel 24-bit digital wireless system is purpose-built for live musical performances. The system features proprietary companderless TruDigital format and new Q-DiversityPlus (anti-jamming) technology for the sound and feel of a direct wire connection with a 300in. operating range. A 24-bit A/D converter at the XDT4 body-pack transmitter captures the full dynamic range of incoming instrument, line-level, or microphone signals, and then transfers them in digital format on two separate RF carrier frequencies (odd samples on one, even samples on the other). The XDR4 receiver decodes the signals back into analog audio via a 24-bit D/A converter.

Sanctuary Series S-32 mixer


The Sanctuary Series S-32 32-channel mixer is designed with several unique, user-friendly features to simplify operation in houses of worship. Exclusive technologies such as automix, auto delay, and mid-morph EQ allow any church leader or layperson to use this mixer with confidence. Channels 1-24 can be sent to three subgroups—solo, choir, and music—while channels 25-32 have a fourth subgroup option that engages the automix function. In addition, there are eight programmable mute groups that can be used to silence groups of instruments, vocalists, or other audio sources.

WideLine-8 line-array system

QSC Audio

The WideLine-8 ultra-compact line-array system measures less than 20in. wide and 9in. high. Each tri-amplified WideLine-8 element uses a pair of high-power, neodymium magnet, 8in. low-frequency drivers. Both cover low frequencies, while only one extends into the midrange, thus maintaining horizontal dispersion control at crossover. High frequencies are handled by a premium, 3in.-diaphragm, neodymium compression driver mounted to QSC’s patented 140- degree, multiple-aperture diffraction waveguide. WideLine’s signature wide coverage delivers a broader stereo image, reduces the need for supplemental fill speakers, and allows for more placement options.

6416Y2 A-Net interface card


The 6416Y2 A-Net interface card interfaces between Yamaha consoles and mix engines and the Aviom Pro16 personal monitor mixing system—providing inputs, outputs, and control on a single card. It is compatible with all Aviom Pro64-series products, and when combined with an ASI A-Net systems- interface module, can also be used with the A-16II personal mixer. The card supports up to 16 channels in and 16 channels out simultaneously, as well as variable sample rates of 44.1kHz/48kHz or 88.2kHz/96kHz.

Ovation MD 4000 switcher


The Ovation MD 4000-series HD-ready switcher from Echolab is designed to help ease the transition to HD video production and support SD video formats in fast-paced live applications. Each switcher provides full-function keyers on each M/E. The switcher gives users the ability to store images and load them into frame buffers with alpha-channel support to bring lower-thirds and full-screen graphics to life.

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