NAD Electronics T 175 Preamp/tuner/processor

NAD Electronics introduces its powerful T 175 preamp/tuner/processor, designed for demanding audiophiles. 12/01/2009 9:00 AM Eastern

NAD Electronics T 175 Preamp/tuner/processor

Dec 1, 2009 2:00 PM

NAD Electronics T 175 Preamp/tuner/processor

NAD Electronics introduces its powerful T 175 preamp/tuner/
processor, designed for demanding audiophiles. The T 175 comes equipped with NAD’s new AM 200 and VM 200 modules. On the audio side, the T 175 features several enhancements by Audyssey, including Auto Calibration, a sophisticated, DSP-based system that helps balance and adjust multichannel loudspeaker systems using a small, calibrated microphone supplied with each pre-pro; Audyssey’s highly evolved MultEQ XT room correction, which minimizes room acoustics to yield a family-sized sweet-spot and real gains in sonic accuracy; and Audyssey MultEQ XT Pro, which, with the processing power of a laptop computer, helps custom installers and system designers obtain more accurate, more extensive room corrections. On the video side, the T 175 features Sigma Designs’ VXP broadcast studio quality image processor, which supports all standard- and high-definition formats up to 2048x2048 pixels; motion adaptive de-interlacing with edge interpolation, which eliminates the jagged edge effects common in lesser processors; film mode detection with output cadence generation, which gives video the smoothness of film; and programmable scaling with aspect ratio conversion, which perfectly matches video sources with video displays. Price: $2,999

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