New Hope Christian Fellowship, Hawaii, Installs Daktronics ProStar

New Hope Christian Fellowship in Hawaii recently chose a Daktronics 9’x16’ ProStar video display to accommodate overflow crowds sometimes reaching 1,000 people 6/08/2007 4:00 AM Eastern

New Hope Christian Fellowship, Hawaii, Installs Daktronics ProStar

Jun 8, 2007 8:00 AM

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Founded in 1995 by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro and his wife Anna in Oahu, Hawaii, New Hope has grown to serve more than 10,000 attendees. Space is at a premium on the island, so the church meets at the Farrington High School campus, with Waianae, Leeward, Hawaii Kai, Honolulu, and Diamond Head locations offering services with live worship and the message by video. Even so, the church still must accommodate overflow crowds sometimes reaching 1,000 people. In order to meet this need, the church recently chose a Daktronics 9’x16’ ProStar video display. The new video display runs live footage of the service so attendees outside the auditorium can participate in the meeting. The fellowship’s LED Screen Team moves the display, mounted on a trailer, from its warehouse and hooks it up for the weekend activities.

“The new video board is an extremely important component of our fellowship’s growth,” says Tim Savage, director of evangelism. “This outside screen is mission-critical to our ability to provide church for our overflow group of up to a thousand people—it gives value to those attendees sitting outside and shows them how important they are to us. In light of this and the quality of the display, we feel the cost to us was reasonable.”

Previously, New Hope used a 9’x12’ video screen from another company for two years. After that time, the supplier quit supporting the video screen and declared it obsolete. When the church began looking for another vendor, it found that not many were interested due to the church’s location in Hawaii.

“Daktronics amazed us when they sent out two people to look over the venue and answer our questions before we were even committed,” Savage says.

Because of Daktronics’ interest in supplying New Hope with a solution and the fact that Joel Osteen’s church at the former Compaq Center in Houston has installed Daktronics technology in its Lakewood sanctuary, New Hope ordered a ProStar video display from Daktronics.

“After our order, Daktronics sent three people to Hawaii for a week to oversee installation and to train us. They did a great job setting us up for success,” Savage says.

Industry experts recognize Daktronics as a leading provider of full-color LED video displays. With the New Hope installation, ProStar video displays inform and entertain people in all 50 states.

HD-ready ProStar technology, uses the latest in red, green, and blue (RGB) LED technology to present live and recorded video images, animation, and graphics with wide-angle visibility. The new video display operates with Daktronics’ proven Venus 7000 controller.

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