Worship Products

Some of the latest houses of worship product offerings. 7/26/2013 10:00 AM Eastern

Worship Products

Jul 26, 2013 2:00 PM

Digital Projection International WUXGA 7500 Projector

Digital Projection International (DPI) announced an expansion of its high-brightness, high-value single-chip E-Vision projection line. DPI’s new E-Vision WUXGA 7500 introduces advanced display features such as HDBaseT support, compatibility with numerous 3D standards, and Lens Memory to the E-Vision series. With 7,500 lumens of brightness output, numerous lens options, user-swappable color wheels and advanced color controls, the DLP-driven E-Vision WUXGA 7500 is suited to serve a diversity of applications, including houses of worship, professional AV, entertainment, and simulation. The new E-Vision WUXGA 7500 will commence shipping in early Q4.

Studer VistaMix Automatic Microphone Mixer

Studer VistaMix is a software upgrade for its range of Vista digital mixing consoles. VistaMix automatic microphone mixing removes the need for an operator to manually adjust all the faders all the time, leaving the microphones of talking participants open while closing the microphones of silent participants in order to reduce spill and background noise. VistaMix offers the solution by mimicking the action of a human operator: increasing gain for talking microphones and reducing gain for all others, but doing it very quickly and keeping the amount of total gain constant, so a clean live mix can be created. In addition, VistaMix switches on only those microphones that are in use. Several nested VistaMix groups can be set up so that individual areas can be managed separately and then combined. This significant new feature is available to all existing Vista systems with SCore Live DSP engines and the Vista 1. By simply upgrading to software version 4.9 and adding the special VistaMix channels to the DSP configuration, VistaMix is ready to go. No additional hardware is required to the Vista surface, the new controls are fully implemented within the standard Vistonics screens and controls.

Clear-Com RS-701 Beltpack

The Clear-Com RS-701 beltpack, the first model in a new line of RS-700 series wired, analog party-line beltpacks, features state-of-the-art performance and superior audio clarity for party-line communications. With its rugged ergonomic housing and high-performance audio, the RS-701 beltpack is ideal for use in a variety of environments or applications, such as rental/staging, performing arts centers and houses of worship. The RS-701 is a single-channel beltpack, equipped with an XLR-3 line connector that serves the needs of all users, be it first timers or experienced professionals. It combines high headroom with low-noise audio to deliver clear audio. Swappable microphone options and built-in limiters in the headsets support a pristine sound. All 700 series beltpacks feature recessed rotary volume controls as well as Talk and Call keys that are guarded against accidental activation. An LED off mode is available for instances when the user requires complete darkness. For these situations, the switches are placed in convenient locations for ease of use. A concealed DIP switch on the back of the beltpack affords the capability to select audio and key options quickly and easily. This includes switching between electret or dynamic headset microphone options and setting a minimum or off level for headphone input and microphone output. Call with talk operation and latch or non-latch keying are also available.

Hitachi CP-X8170, CP-WX8265, and CP-WU8460 Projectors

Hitachi announced the introduction of its CP-X8170, CP-WX8265, and CP-WU8460 3LCD projectors, offering the highest brightness ever available in Hitachi’s Installation series lineup along with upgraded performance and connectivity, and iPad and iPhone compatibility. The CP-X8170, CP-WX8265, and CP-WU8460 deliver 7,000, 6,500, and 6,000 ANSI lumens brightness with XGA, WXGA and WUXGA resolution respectively and are the slimmest projectors in their category, making them ideal for larger conference rooms, auditoriums, educational environments, houses of worship, and other professional applications. All models feature Hitachi’s new, exclusive Accentualizer image processing with sharpness, gloss, and shade controls that enhance sharpness, improve contrast, and make fine details clearer. All the projectors include a motorized lens shift system that enables lens shift, zoom, and focus to be perfectly dialed in and increases installation flexibility. The projectors’ Perfect Fit 2 function enables quick image adjustment by moving its four corners one at a time, and corrects for pincushion distortion and keystoning if necessary.

Audio-Technica AT-DMM828 Mixer

Audio-Technica’s new AT-DMM828 digital matrix mixer is a microprocessor-controlled, programmable, automatic-switching 8-channel matrix mixer. Designed for a variety of applications, including installed sound/sound reinforcement, houses of worship, broadcast, and recording, the AT-DMM828 is designed to improve audio quality through a number of sophisticated methods. One way it achieves this is by keeping the number of open microphones to a minimum, thus reducing background noise, feedback, and other distractions, and increasing clarity and audio quality, while providing instant, completely transparent switching between channels. Additionally, the mixer features “correlation,” which analyzes and interprets redundancy of source material between channels in realtime and may in turn favor the dominant channel, simplifying the layout/output and reducing feedback, phase issues, etc.

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