WorxAudio Delivers Glorious Sound at Philippi Church of Christ

Philippi Church of Christ’s new multipurpose facility, which currently serves as its sanctuary while a new and larger 2,500-seat sanctuary is being built, houses an impressive sound reinforcement s 10/05/2006 4:00 AM Eastern

WorxAudio Delivers Glorious Sound at Philippi Church of Christ

Oct 5, 2006 8:00 AM

Under the pastoral guidance of Bishop Randy B. Royal, Greenville, N.C.-based Philippi Church of Christ recently completed the first stage of a multi-stage expansion project aimed at enhancing the worship experience of its 1,200-member (and growing) congregation. The church’s new multipurpose facility, which currently serves as its sanctuary while a new and larger 2,500-seat sanctuary is being built, houses an impressive sound reinforcement system built with loudspeakers from WorxAudio Technologies.

Design/build firm Hi Tech Electronics was responsible for the installation of the new system, which included WorxAudio Technologies’ TrueLine V8i-PMD1 compact line array elements, TL.218SS-PMD2 sub bass enclosures, and the new UltraMax M1P monitor system, designed to upgrade WorxAudio’s MaxSeries product line.

The project, which was designed from the ground up to incorporate high-quality audio for the church’s ambitious music program, commenced in July 2005 and was completed in August 2006, with the church officially occupying its new sanctuary on Sunday, Aug. 27. According to David Williams, owner of Hi Tech Electronics, “Music plays a very important role in the church’s worship experience, so this space was conceived with high-quality audio and a properly tuned acoustic environment right from the start. We planned for everything from carpeted floors and acoustically treated ceiling and wall areas right down to the last strand of wire. As a result, we were involved right from the time the concrete slab was first poured all the way through the construction process.”

The space, which measures 100’x80’, incorporates an impressive stage/pulpit area at the front that is designed to accommodate a 50-voice choir accompanied by a live band consisting of two guitarists, bass, keyboards, and drums. Suspended 24ft. up above the front edge of the stage in the center of the room are the V8i-PMD1 compact line array elements. With a wide 140-degree horizontal dispersion and a 10-degree vertical pattern, the V8i-PMD1 was the perfect choice of loudspeaker system—enabling Williams to achieve broad, even coverage throughout the space while being able to precisely control the aiming of each individual element.

“We have six V8i-PMD1’s focused toward the congregation,” Williams says, “while a seventh element is aimed back down toward the stage area and is used as the monitor system for the choir. Because the V8i-PMD1 can be so narrowly focused, we rigged this enclosure at the top of the grid, behind those elements facing the audience, so it’s invisible to the congregation.”

Complementing the central line array cluster are the four TL.218SS-PMD2 sub bass enclosures—with two units suspended on each side of the V8i-PMD1s. “The entire system is centrally positioned,” added Williams, “and the amount of sound pressure level along with the even coverage throughout the room is really impressive. Because the space was designed with sound absorbing materials, there were never any annoying reflections or other acoustic anomalies to deal with.”

Philippi Church of Christ is also the first facility to experience WorxAudio Technologies’ new UltraMax M1P monitor systems, which will be deployed as needed for individual performers. These 12in. powered monitors employ equal angles (for floor positioning) on the enclosures—enabling them to be used as stereo pairs, a trait uncommon in floor monitor designs. “We’ve started with six units,” Williams says. “Besides basic monitoring tasks, these loudspeakers can be used for numerous sound reinforcement applications, so they make a great choice as supplemental enclosures to augment the main system, if needed.”

FOH for the new sanctuary is located about three-quarters of the distance back in the room—positioned immediately adjacent to the center isle. The station is equipped with an Allen & Heath GL3800 40-channel mixing console.

In summing up the installation, Williams reflected on the new system. “Philippi Church of Christ is big on music, and they recognized the necessity of planning their sound reinforcement system early in the design phase. By choosing powered versions of WorxAudio Technologies’ loudspeaker systems, we were assured the amplification and processing was perfectly matched to the enclosures, and this also makes for a very clean-looking installation. We originally envisioned an over-ear microphone system for Bishop Royal, but we can actually use a lapel mic—which he prefers—and still be able to achieve the necessary level for him to be heard over the music. The sound of the system is very impressive, with high intelligibility for spoken word and extremely accurate reproduction of music. Everyone has been extremely pleased and complimentary, and that’s a win-win situation for all.”

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