Worxaudio Technologies Helps Jumping Run Church Teach the Word of God

With an ambitious music program that plays an integral role in its services, Jumping Run Church chose a sound reinforcement system revolving around products from WorxAudio Technologies for its new s 1/18/2007 3:00 AM Eastern

Worxaudio Technologies Helps Jumping Run Church Teach the Word of God

Jan 18, 2007 8:00 AM

Under the guidance of Pastor W. Anthony Lawson, Jr., Jumping Run Church has become one of the fastest growing congregations in eastern North Carolina. The church recently opened a brand-new sanctuary to accommodate its explosive growth. With an ambitious music program that plays an integral role in the church’s services, Pastor Lawson wanted to ensure that the message of the church didn’t get lost. For this, he turned to Winterville, N.C.-based Sound Advice, who ultimately installed a sound reinforcement system revolving around products from WorxAudio Technologies.

According to Carol Evans, CEO and founder of Sound Advice, “Pastor Lawson had preached a revival service in a Greensboro, N.C., church and was very impressed with what he heard. He knew that he wanted something that was not just OK, but state of the art. Because of his preference for a state of the art system, we immediately scheduled an audition of the WorxAudio TrueLine series. Upon hearing the system, we were all in complete agreement that this was the way to go.”

After an almost-two-year design and construction phase that was initiated in 2004, the Sound Advice team commenced with the sound system installation in early September 2006 and completed the setup at the close of October 2006.

To support the church’s musical activities and ensure that dialogue was highly intelligible throughout the 500-seat sanctuary, Evans and the Sound Advice team flew left and right loudspeaker clusters consisting of four WorxAudio TrueLine V8i line array elements plus a single TrueLine TL215 subwoofer per side. For monitoring support at the front, Evans selected two models from the WorxAudio Wave series product group. The Sound Advice crew flew two 8Ai loudspeaker enclosures to serve as overhead monitors—one each behind the two main line array clusters. Additionally, four WorxAudio 12M floor monitors are routinely placed into service. Power for the loudspeakers is provided by QSC RMX series amplifiers.

Other key components of the new sound system include an Allen & Heath GL2400-32 mixing console at front of house and a number of wireless microphones. The praise band uses Audio-Technica ATW-3141 handheld wireless microphones and ATW-3110 receivers, while Pastor Lawson uses Countryman E6 Isomax earset microphones for himself and any guests he might have. For playback of canned program sources, there is a Denon DN-T625 combination CD/cassette tape player that facilitates RS-232 remote control via the AMX control system installed in the facility.

In the two months since the new sound system has been operational, the entire Jumping Run Church organization is singing the new system’s praises. “The new system has added yet another element of vibrancy to the church’s services,” Evans reports. "The loudspeakers add a presence to the musical performances that generates smiles throughout the congregation, and dialogue is crystal clear and can be easily understood from any seat in the house.”

Pastor Lawson is equally enthusiastic about the new sound reinforcement system. Evans reports that Lawson was particularly impressed with the fact that he can walk anywhere he wants to without concern about feedback or bad sound. In summing up his appreciation for the new sound system and the work performed by the Sound Advice team, Pastor Lawson jokingly says, “With this system, I can preach until I’m 90 years old!”

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