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Eye Candy: A curved wall of glass that flickers as the wind blows

By Kyle Vanhemert, Wired 2/10/2015 8:00 AM Eastern

This is flat out gorgeous. A cross between lighting and nature-mapping (I just made that up). And what an idea for windows in a room that has projection, assuming the program could be set to full opaque. I could see it in very high-end corporate boardroom (very, very high-end) or a museum. Or my dream house…. -Cynthia Wisehart

Shade, an installation which just wrapped up in London, is a 1,500 square-foot facade of curved glass, fragmented into small triangular cells. Wind outside is measured at several points along the facade. The gusts are interpreted by a program, triggering individual cells to change from opaque to transparent. The result is an ever-changing ballet of light on the gallery floor. MORE@Wired

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