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Review: Doppler Labs’ Here One wireless noise canceling earbuds

By David Pierce, Wired 5/03/2017 5:32 PM Eastern
Here One wireless noise canceling earbuds

These are those earbuds that allow you to self-mix your listening experience by dialing in the amount of ambient noise you want (or none at all)—it’s called “Layered Listening”. Here’s another review from CNET. -Cynthia Wisehart

Life’s a little quieter when I’m wearing the Here Ones, a new pair of earbuds from Doppler Labs.

These $300 buds are headphones and then some. They put a volume knob on the real world, letting you control what you hear and what you tune out. I’ve been wearing them on planes, in crowded train cars, in the office, and on my living room sofa.

The Here Ones are a terrific, if slightly hamstrung, set of headphones. They’re also one of the most jaw-dropping tech demos I’ve tried in a long time. And they’re pretty solid evidence that you might want computers in your ears. Soon.

There is nothing quite like suddenly, magically muting the world. Layered listening is a wonderful way to soundtrack your life. And they look a lot better than AirPods. MORE@WIRED

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