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A Quick Worship Audio Set Up and Break Down, Part 1 
With Bennett Liles
When Breakaway Ministries, a massive Bible study congregation, meets on the campus of Texas A&M, Puresound from Houston has 1 hour to load in, set up the whole sound system, and get the full band ready....

PEG Station Broadcasts with Broadcast Pix, Part 1 
With Bennett Liles
They’re called PEG stations; public access, education, and government television at the local level and connecting the community through cable TV and the Internet. At Belmont Media Center in Massachusetts, they’re doing it with Broadcast Pix production gear and Executive Director Jeff Hansell is here to give us the story....

San Francisco’s Masonic Center Audio System, Part 1 
With Bennett Liles
The Masonic Center in San Francisco needed a new sound system, and they called in 3G Productions from Las Vegas to set up a new d&b audiotechnik system to handle a variety of big name acts....

NewTek in the Worship Space, Part 1 
With Bennett Liles
With a big congregation, the Community of Christ Church in Independence, Mo., also plays host to local graduations and many other events. The tech crew has to be ready for anything, and they have a long history of using NewTek video gear....

Seattle Mariners Moves 8 Million Pixels, Part 1 
With Bennett Liles
The biggest LED video screen in baseball burst onto the scene in the Seattle Mariners’ Safeco Field in April and the fans were knocked over by the size and the super high resolution. ...

Covering Live Events with Streaming Video at KAMU, Part 2 
with Bennett Liles
In this edition, SVC wraps up the conversation with Wayne Pecena of Public TV station KAMU at Texas A&M University. ...

Road to Infocomm: Lyle Bunn 

This week, the final installment of SVC’s Road to InfoComm podcast series takes a look at one of the AV industry’s hottest market segments right now—digital signage. In today’s interview, SVC editor Michael Goldman chats with a digital signage expert, Lyle Bunn of the Bunn Company...

Road to Infocomm: Bill Sharer 
Michael Goldman
In this week’s second installment of the Road to InfoComm newsletter, the topic is the economy and its impact on the professional AV community, and the guest is Bill Sharer, CTS, of Exxel Management & Marketing Corporation. Bill chats with Sound & Video Contractor editor Michael Goldman about the impact the downturn has...

Road to Infocomm: Randal Lemke 
Michael Goldman
Given the current economic climate, rapidly changing technology, new initiatives, and educational opportunities sweeping across the AV landscape, Sound & Video Contractor thought it would be appropriate to launch its Road to InfoComm 2009 series of podcasts with a conversation with InfoComm International Executive Director...

Shownotes: Security and Control Over Fiber 

S.I. Tech's President and CEO, Ramesh Sheth, discusses the latest trends in fiber optics for video transmission and offers some insight from the inside of the industry in the field of security and transmission of control signals over fiber...

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