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True to Form, Metric Halo is 100% MacOS High Sierra-Compatible from Day One

10/13/2017 12:33 AM

SAFETY HARBOR, FLORIDA – OCTOBER 2017: Because Metric Halo’s award-winning hardware interfaces, including the flagship ULN-8, and software are engineered to work within the macOS ecosystem at a very deep level, Metric Halo is proud to announce that all of its hardware and software is macOS High Sierra-compatible. In fact, it was compatible on the very first day Apple released the new operating system!

As other manufacturers struggle to squash elusive bugs, odd behavior, and non-responsive drivers with seemingly every new operating system and update, Metric Halo continues to deliver good old-fashioned reliability at technology’s cutting edge. While other manufacturers throw sessions into chaos and cause engineers to fear system upgrades, Metric Halo demonstrates the alternative reality – where everything just works like it should – that everyone yearns for. The upshot is that you should feel 100% comfortable knowing that you can upgrade to macOS High Sierra, and your Metric Halo hardware and software won’t miss a beat, literally!

How is it possible? In a word: amazing software engineering and a commitment to keeping users up and running. Metric Halo knows the macOS inside and out and has built its software on macOS’s solid foundations – relying on the kinds of things that don’t change with new OS versions, and rigorously testing for the things that do. By developing the entire audio driver stack in-house, Metric Halo ensures that its products are fully under its control so you don’t have to rely on drivers created by third parties who don’t understand or care about the needs of pro audio users.

Please visit to learn more about macOS High Sierra.
Please visit to download the latest Metric Halo installers, compatible with macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

Based on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Metric Halo provides the world with award-winning software and hardware recording, processing, metering and analysis solutions.

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