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THE SVC INTERVIEW: Steve Obenreder and David Finer, City Channel Pittsburgh

SVC: Is this type of project pretty typical of what RPC Video does? Steve Obenreder: It’s typical in that it represents sort of the broad scope of what RPC Video can do. It was a little atypical that it was spread out over roughly two years from our first budget discussions in 2014 until the system got commissioned a little over a year ago. So it was a long haul because it was a big system that......

TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE: Conferencing Mics and Systems

AKG designed the CS3 Plug and Play Conferencing System to support up to 60 microphones with a single base unit and it offers several modes of operation selectable on the front panel which can also provide bass, treble, volume, and a number of open mics control. The system can connect to a PA and other external audio devices on a balanced XLR line and it can interface with camera control......

Paramount Events & MD Audio Upgrade with Powersoft Pt 2

SVC Podcast – Show Notes – Show 188-2In this edition of the SVC Podcast, Contributing Editor Bennett Liles continues his conversation with Murvin Persaud of MD Audio and Raphael Narine of New York’s Paramount Events. This time they switch gears to the recent ECLIPS Music Festival in Queens where Powersoft amplifiers from MD Audio and the setup along with the setup and mixing by Paramount Events......

Uplifting Upgrade

SVC: It’s been a while since we talked, tell us first what’s been going on at CCI Solutions. Duke DeJong: Well, funny enough a lot of Calvary churches. This is one of somewhere in the neighborhood of ten Calvary churches we’re working with right now, so trying to keep them all straight has been fun. But we just continue to help churches all over the country with audio, video, lighting, and......

THE SVC INTERVIEW: Chad Hess, Florida Hospital Church

SVC: This sounds like a pretty progressive church. That probably means that you have a lot of live music going on. Chad Hess: Yes. It’s all live music; a very blended service. We’re not contemporary, and even blended is probably not the right word. We just try and cover the whole gamut. All genres are available. We’ve had orchestras, we’ve had quartets, we’ve had strings, steel drums –......


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