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Bennett Liles

IT Permeating the AV Profession

In this edition, SVC contributing editor Bennett Liles talks with Public Relations Manager Dan Wright and Eric Anderson, product manager of the Etherscope Network Assistant for Fluke Networks, an Everett, Wash., company that specializes in providing IP network diagnostic, troubleshooting, and certification tools. In this edition, Wright and Anderson discuss the convergence of AV and IT and......

Upgrading Church Facilities to HD

In this edition, SVC contributing editor Bennett Liles talks with Max Kopsho, director of training and consultant relations for Kramer Electronics, a manufacturer of a wide variety of audio, video, and computer signal management devices. Kopsho provides details in how churches can perform an upgrade to HD, use FireWire in their video production, and tackle issues presented by church......

Custom In-store Radio Design

In this edition, SVC contributing editor Bennett Liles talks with Nathan Green, vice president of New Level Radio, a Colorado company that uses the Barix Extreamer and IP-conveyed audio to provide commercial clients with a custom designed in-store radio environment. Green reveals how the company uses its own production and server facilities to supply regular monthly programming updates and......

Preserving Character During Upgrades, Part 2

In part two of his talk with Dave Whittaker of the Hollywood United Methodist Church, SVC contributing editor Bennett Liles discusses loudspeaker control, patchbay installation, and projection challenges. Whittaker also notes that with some skillful social engineering, quite a few useful items of equipment were donated from sound and video production firms in the Hollywood area. He takes us......

Video Delivery for Internet Transmission

In this edition of the Networked AV podcast, SVC Contributing Editor Bennett Liles talks with Dave Stoner, CEO of Viewcast a Plano, Texas, company providing highly mobile and compact streaming video solutions. Stoner describes the new dynamic of video delivery to PCs, cell phones, and set-top boxes for corporate trainers, churches, and university faculty. He also outlines the options for......


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