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Cynthia Wisehart

Ballroom Physics

DSP has saved a lot of installs and will continue to do so. But when it comes to taming difficult rooms and delivering flexibility to multi-use facilities, the loudspeaker itself can be a powerful tool. In the hospitality industry, no room is more important to revenue and more challenging than the ballroom, whether it stands alone or is part of a hotel’s revenue model. This month we look at two......

Cynthia Wisehart on Drones

Drones are fun, but are they AV? That remains an open question. We took a look at some of the available products starting on page 15 of this issue, and then Bennett Liles (our AV guy and ultra-light pilot) talks to Bob Elliott who uses them in AV applications for a living. I’m still not sure they matter. Well, obviously they matter to Elliott—they are his livelihood. But what about to you? One......


The 350,000 square foot corner highrise that supports this pioneering display is at 701 7th Avenue (also know as 20 Times Square). It will house the Marriott EDITION hotel as well as prominent tenants such as the NFL Experience, a new interactive fan attraction co-created with Cirque du Soleil. Owner The Witkoff Group engaged creative consultant Sensory Interactive to design the dramatic radius......

Cynthia Wisehart on AVIXA

As we go to press, the biggest industry news is InfoComm’s debut as AVIXA. It’s a large scale reimagining of the association (the trade shows will remain InfoComm, though in my imagination I can see how that too could change in time). First the initials. AV for AV, IX for Experience, and A for Association. It’s the IX of course that matters. As I thought about this, I realized that as a theme......


In June, Bose Professional introduced the self-powered Panaray MSA12X Modular Steerable Array. The slim, unobtrusive design and column configuration tailor to applications such as houses of worship where intelligibility and full range music reinforcement have to discreetly stand up to acoustically challenging spaces. The array comprises twelve full-range 2.25-inch transducers (with 75 Hz-14 kHz......


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