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Cynthia Wisehart


Your clients want huddle spaces and collaborative conference rooms and unified communications. They may talk about technology—the right screens and microphone systems, the right codecs, the right whiteboard, sharing or streaming devices. Technology is of course increasingly critical to collaboration, even to work in general. But context is everything. Technology alone doesn’t make people......

Cynthia Wisehart on Audio and UX

The theme this month is education. In my travels I came across an education story that I really liked. I wrote about it on page 37 of the print issue. It struck me because it captures the changing user dynamic as younger people grow up with devices, taking signal quality for granted (when they even notice it) and assuming an ease of signal distribution that just a few years ago was not really......

Cynthia Wisehart on Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is often misunderstood as effecting internet service speeds for consumers—much the way some users experienced throttling or other forms of sluggish service to their devices. But there is something much, much more important at stake, for all of us as citizens, and especially for small business-driven industries like ours. The net neutrality rules were designed to prevent carriers......

ON SITE: Content Driven

“As of opening night, the Kings did not hire a single person to go from no IPTV to one of the most advanced systems in the NBA,“ explains Eli Garten, VP, IPTV & Enterprise Video Solutions, at VITEC. For Golden 1, that was a priority, but so was guest experience, including synchronization of nearly 800 endpoints; integration between TVs and signage; and a dynamic content platform that could......


The extent to which an AV system intersects with an IT system on a given project is determined by many things including use case, budget, existing infrastructure, security (or perception of security), time to opening, building architecture and campus design-- even interpersonal agendas and communication, among other things.As with any AV system, design may occur years before opening and......


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