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Cynthia Wisehart

Cynthia Wisehart on ISE

ISE continues to grow with a reported 11.7% increase in attendance this year to 73,413 people. That’s something like 7000 more people than last year. The show reports almost 1,200 exhibitors--about 200 of them new for 2017. ISE 2018 will take place at the RAI Amsterdam Feb. 6-9 and will expand to a 15th hall.Manufacturers also consider increasingly consider ISE to be a key location for product......

Cynthia Wisehart on the Theme Park Design Tribe

Sometimes I’m reminded of just how small and interconnected the theme park design world is. As we went to press I attended a technology event at Electrosonic (which included very cool projection mapping on the castle by Super 78). It was a great evening and I ran into many of my colleagues from my days in theme park design—some were people I see fairly frequently, others I had not seen in two......

Lamp or Laser?

The surge of activity in laser projectors over the last several years, has had a transformative impact on maintenance and cost of ownership and we can expect the evolution to continue until lasers dominate. But laser projectors have not replaced lamped projectors in all applications. For the highest end custom installations like those in museums and theme parks, systems designers have many......

Behold the First 4K Church

With its community of young arts-oriented congregants, Mosaic Church earns its “hispster megachurch” description. Headquartered in the heart of Hollywood, it is part of a multisite church community led by pastor Erwin McManus. But for all its hipness (and some serious musical chops), Mosaic did not have an extensive media ministry, says Craig Harper, National Manager for the Sony Faith division......

Cynthia Wisehart on Innovative Products

In this issue we honor the readers’ choice for 30 Innovative Products of 2016—our 5th year doing these awards. Readers voted from a long list of submitted products—the ones with the most votes are acknowledged here starting on page 48.I’m an engineer’s daughter and an engineer’s wife, and sister to an engineer and sister-in-law to three more. Growing up Halloween costumes were engineered. So I......


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