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Cynthia Wisehart

AV Outreach

Ideally, AV supplies mission-critical, mission-driven infrastructure—ideally, intertwined with the goals of an organization. At the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, an enviable AV system makes it easier to teach, collaborate, and connect to partners internally and throughout the world. Not every organization has the luxury of Penn’s resources, by a long shot, but......

Crestron AM-100 AirMedia PRESENTATION Gateway

We placed the Crestron AM-100 AirMedia Presentation Gateway at the main office of Electrosonic in Burbank. My thanks to Dave Taylor and Will Guest for their expertise and the considerable time and thought they put into evaluating the product. Thanks also to Crestron product managers Tom Barnett and John Spiro-Colwell for taking feedback and responding seriously and in detail.Crestron’s AirMedia......

Home Court Advantage

 The Miami Heat was number four in attendance for the 2014 season, and the team’s AmericanAirlines Arena ranked fifth nationally in ticket sales for concerts and other events, according to Pollstar. Impressive under any circumstances, perhaps more so when you remember that the arena is 15 years old. So besides having the goods on the court (or the stage), how does the organization pull a crowd......

On the Circuit: Welcome to SVConline

As you read this we are probably in beta with our ambitious new website. You may have even seen it, since we are going to go live while still in process. I understand that’s a thing these days.This is a big, important upgrade for SVC. We built our original website 10 years ago when the Internet was still a very different place.One of the innovations we were able to pull off in those long ago......

On the Circuit: Sony Pictures

As we go to press, the strange saga of the Sony hack is still unfolding in a surreal blending of the real and digital worlds. On the most basic level, this cyber attack has caused and will cause a lot of suffering for a lot of regular Sony employees who don’t deserve it. I’m not talking about Seth Rogan and his mid-level movie or Scott Rudin and his glib emails. Yes there has been an intense......


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