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Cynthia Wisehart

Cynthia Wisehart on Growth In the AV World

As we go to press today, I had to take a meeting I didn’t think I had time to take. But it was an important colleague and I’d already rescheduled twice. As a result of that call, I’m going to veer off technology. Certainly we did talk about technology. But we talked about some other things too that are now more in my mind as we head to InfoComm. This individual has a long tenure in the industry......

The Modern Agora

When the Super Lab is empty, it only hints at its potential as a platform for teaching and collaboration. It looks like a place where dynamic stuff could happen—once the people arrive. It stands in wait, like a vast stage, or a town square (it could also suggest less elevated environments, like a call center). If your picture of “lab” is a Steampunk hive of chemistry, physics, and biology, with......

Cynthia Wisehart on Ethernet Switches

One of the most interesting things I saw at NAB was an Ethernet switch. Yamaha built the SWP1 series for use in Dante networks as an additional alternative to Cisco switches. The switches are not cheap— north of $1000 (I remember hearing $1300). Yamaha’s marketing lead for commercial audio Marc Lopez says the company didn’t actually know what to expect in terms of reception, and has been a......

Cynthia Wisehart on AES70

Earlier this year, Bruce Olson, chair of the Audio Engineering Society Standards Committee (AESSC) and Jeff Berryman, chair of the OCA Technical Workgroup, announced the ratification and publication of AES70, an open control and monitoring standard for professional audio and AV media network devices. The genesis of the standard was a field-tested spec by the OCA Alliance, a not-for-profit......

Transparent Design

As with any display technology, design innovation must coincide with technical innovation. Digital signage systems must work as design, not just as technology. High impact content requires that designers understand both the user experience of the particular display technology but also how to optimize each technology for their clients. “Brands like their product to be the hero,” says Traylor......


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