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Midori Connolly was chosen at InfoComm 2012 in Las Vegas to serve as the Chair of the InfoComm Rental & Staging Council. She is the “chief” in new staging/live event technology company Chief AVGirl. She is best known for producing the first set of best practices for Sustainable AV Staging. Since her start in hi-tech at the age of nineteen, she has been training and teaching groups in places as far-reaching as South Korea to spread her gospel of the strategic use of technology and sustainable meetings as a business strategy. Midori is recognized as a Platinum Speaker by Meeting Professionals International, Best-in-Class Speaker for Professional Convention Managers Association and was most recently named as a Most Innovative Event Professional by BizBash media and 40 Under 40 by Collaborate and Connect Magazines.

Midori Connolly on Hotel WiFi

In the current state of our industry, it is highly likely that you have bumped into a competitive situation where you lost business to an inhouse audiovisual provider. You may have felt the frustration of watching your client pay service charges and premium pricing on gear so they ended up paying more for less…while you stood by with incredible discounts and best-in-class labor and gear. Les......

Experience Design, Not Staging

2014 was a year of transition. We started the year with an air of cautious hope that the worst of the financial crisis was past us. The nation as a whole seemed to seek out signs of good news–instead of plugging into the clamoring headlines about foreclosures and dismal consumer index reports. As one good month stacked on another, we finally paused to breathe and take inventory of the business......

Mobile Apps for the Life of a Stager

Mobile Apps for the Life of a StagerDec 3, 2014 3:43 PM, By Midori ConnollyApps for Increasing Your Productivity, Working Smarter, and Having Fun. I’m willing to bet that if you were to choose one thing in your life that you can’t live without, many of you would point not to your spouse or children, but to that mobile device glued to your person. Well, maybe not, but it’s true we are a world......

Empowering the Live Event Learner

Empowering the Live Event LearnerAug 13, 2014 9:07 PM, By Midori ConnollyUnderstanding the art and technology of the learning environment Stager of business events, what was it that inspired you to become an expert in adult learning? Was it your passion for andragogy? Was it your expertise in designing the adult learning environment?OK, it’s doubtful that anyone ever asked you these questions,......

The State of Green AV

To avoid oversimplifying the concept,let's view green AV as a collection of ideas, perhaps even as a movement composed of organizations, companies, and individuals. The players in the movement share the common goal of discovering how best to use technology with minimal environmental impact.If there's one question that kicks off virtually every professional discussion I have, it is, of course, ......

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