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Phil Hippensteel

Phil Hippensteel on Video and IP Transport- New Directions

It has never been a trivial task to get video over IP networks. The need to move text data brought about IP networks. However, when voice was successfully and efficiently moved over these networks, engineers began to question whether video could also be transported on them. Video conferencing and IPTV were built on the concept that, if the network was not prone to loss, IP using UDP (User......

Phil Hippensteel on the Pros and Cons of HTTP

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) has been the foundation of web browsing for more than thirty years. However, recently, it has become a preferred protocol for moving audio and video across the enterprise network and the Internet. Because it seems to be gaining popularity in the AV industry, we’re going to investigate it.In its original use, HTTP used TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and......

Phil Hippensteel on AV Security Concerns

In this newsletter, my objective is to focus on security of AV devices. However, I’m going to use an indirect approach to this topic. First, I’ll discuss an internet protocol and service that is absolutely critical to the proper function of nearly all IP networks. It is especially critical to the use and function of the Internet. Then, we’ll turn our attention to the attack that denied the use......

Phil Hippensteel on What It Takes to Connect

To avoid problems when installing an AV device into an IP network, it is prudent to carefully consider the procedure the device uses when it connects to that network. Certain parameters are required to communicate with other devices. These are sometimes acquired automatically or may be configured manually.Let’s begin our study with what the device must know. It must have a local hardware......

Phil Hippensteel on Network Buffers Good and Bad

Buffers in the network are critical for the delivery of audio and video. We often don’t think about the role they play. If they are properly sized and managed, they improve the delivery of our media. On the other hand, if you make them too large or leave them unmanaged, they can cause dropped packets or produce poor output performance.Buffers are designated blocks of memory that meet the needs......


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