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Phil Hippensteel

Phil Hippensteel on Latency

Today, we want to focus on the meaning and importance of the term, latency.  Latency is also sometimes called delay.  Most experts define latency in video to be the difference in time between when the camera captures a scene and when it is displayed.  Seeing that the focus in our series is on IP, we will consider latency at the camera, in the network and at the play out device. At the Camera......

Phil Hippensteel on AV Over IP

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Sound & Video Contractor’s AV Over IP Newsletter.  My name is Phil Hippensteel and I’ll be the lead author to the series. Currently, I serve as an adjunct professor at the Harrisburg campus of Penn State University. Having spent over forty years in higher education, I now focus on IP communications; researching, writing and presenting what I’ve learned.  I......


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