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VP, Production, X2O Media/Barco

Vern Freedlander

With over twenty years of broadcast television experience as a producer, director and executive, Vern oversees all of X2O Media’s content initiatives. Vern works with a variety of clients on content planning, brand enhancements, innovative workflow processes and strategies around maximizing the effectiveness of visual communications. By forging strategic content partnerships and by developing in-house content products and services, Vern has helped positioned X2O Media as both a technology and content leader. Vern is a thought leader in the field of digital signage and is an in demand speaker at industry events. His articles and white papers focus on important industry trends and practical ways users can both resolve business and communications issues and create new opportunities through visual communications.

Vern Freedlander on Tuning Content

Network operators and integrators often exhibit a “fire and forget” type attitude; once the players are in place, software systems working, screens are up and running, the project is considered done. Content is being served and managed to the screens using business rules, systems are stable and everything looks good. However, relying solely on technology to manage the “flow” of content can be......

Balancing Global and Local Content Distribution

The international enterprise with various subsidiaries, local plants, and satellite offices has a unique challenge when it comes to distributing content to place-based screens, employee desktops, or mobile devices. Corporate communicators need to strike the right balance between messaging from headquarters and content originating from the local office. This can be a difficult and politically......

The Intranet Challenge

If I had to point out the main benefit of the connected enterprise, it would be the ability to share information efficiently and effectively. Efficiently because content can target any employee, anywhere on any device, and effectively because the messaging can take advantage of video, visualized data, and graphics to successfully impact the user.However, integrators who want to move their......

Vern Freedlander on Personalizing Corporate Content

One of the most effective skills of the corporate communicator is the ability to personalize content. As an engagement tool, personalization helps build an especially strong bond between the employee and the enterprise. Personalization plays such an important role in corporate communications that integrators need to be keenly aware of technology and workflow solutions that optimize personalized......

Digital Signposts: Ongoing Employee Intelligence

Integrators are aware that every corporation is filled with sales and marketing procedural documents, case studies, product sheets and similar materials. This content plays a major role in setting the corporate tone, communicating overall expectations, and establishing the engagement level of staff. But one of the drawbacks of these documents is that they are historical in nature. They were......


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