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VP, Production, X2O Media/Barco

Vern Freedlander

With over twenty years of broadcast television experience as a producer, director and executive, Vern oversees all of X2O Media’s content initiatives. Vern works with a variety of clients on content planning, brand enhancements, innovative workflow processes and strategies around maximizing the effectiveness of visual communications. By forging strategic content partnerships and by developing in-house content products and services, Vern has helped positioned X2O Media as both a technology and content leader. Vern is a thought leader in the field of digital signage and is an in demand speaker at industry events. His articles and white papers focus on important industry trends and practical ways users can both resolve business and communications issues and create new opportunities through visual communications.

Digital Signposts: Monetizing Engagement

“What is the return on investment?” That’s probably the first question a client will ask an integrator when considering whether to install an enterprise communications solution. It’s relatively straightforward to describe cost savings around improved efficiencies, but when it comes to the ROI of an engaged workforce, things get a bit more complicated. An enterprise that is able to communicate......

Digital SignPosts: The Editorial Conversation

There are two very distinct conversations that integrators have with their enterprise clients: There’s the technical discussion with IT, engineering, and AV, which focuses on hardware, software specifications, network structure, and integration. Integrators use their technical and project management skills to plan and deploy IT-based systems that use the latest technologies to deliver......

Digital Signposts: The Ideal Communications Channel

Communications consultants Sue Dewhurst and Liam Fitzpatrick from Competent Communicators recently put together a comprehensive list of communications channels that are used throughout the enterprise. The list, published by Melcrum, comprises 13 message-delivery methods ranging from team meetings to email to voicemail. Dewhurst and Fitzpatrick describe the pros and cons of each channel and......

Digital Signposts: Advanced Employee Engagement Channels

One of the best applications of internal communications channels within the enterprise is to promote or enhance a sense of employee engagement. Aside from channels that convey company news, brand reinforcement, and HR-related messaging, there are a number of other ways to use employee-focused content channels—all of which serve to connect staff with a strong sense of mission. ......

Digital Signposts: Preparing for the Internet of Things

Many industry analysts are predicting that by 2020 over 25 billion “things” will be connected via the Internet, exchanging data, fine-tuning processes, and driving decision-making. Gartner estimates that the Internet of Things (IoT) will generate about $2 trillion in global benefits touching every sector of the economy. The Internet of Things will be transformational. It is not certain what......


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