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VP, Production, X2O Media/Barco

Vern Freedlander

With over twenty years of broadcast television experience as a producer, director and executive, Vern oversees all of X2O Media’s content initiatives. Vern works with a variety of clients on content planning, brand enhancements, innovative workflow processes and strategies around maximizing the effectiveness of visual communications. By forging strategic content partnerships and by developing in-house content products and services, Vern has helped positioned X2O Media as both a technology and content leader. Vern is a thought leader in the field of digital signage and is an in demand speaker at industry events. His articles and white papers focus on important industry trends and practical ways users can both resolve business and communications issues and create new opportunities through visual communications.

Digital Signposts: The Huddle Room

More and more businesses are supplementing their conference rooms with huddle rooms—casual, smaller spaces that can be used as spontaneous meeting places for teams. Although they might only seat four to six individuals, huddle rooms offer a valuable opportunity for impromptu meetings and collaboration with stakeholders, especially when augmented with innovative communications technology......

Digital Signposts: The Complete Solution Sale

Integrators of visual communications solutions in the enterprise must come to the realization that their sales opportunities are less about hardware and more about software and services. The commoditization of hardware is manifesting in purchasers putting less emphasis on, or sometimes no longer valuing differentiation in product features. Price is quickly becoming the key differentiator and......

Digital Signposts: The Democratization of Content

Traditionally, the creation and distribution of content within the enterprise has been the domain of a small, specialized group of employees. It can be the human resources group creating company-wide information updates and reminders, public relations staff developing news releases and background briefings, or the CEO’s communications specialists producing a video town hall or strategy position......

Digital Signposts: Data in Context

Big data’s importance in corporate decision-making is growing dramatically, but making sense out of the tsunami of numbers is becoming increasingly challenging. Companies are drowning in data, but within the numbers lay opportunities waiting to be unleashed. The ability to parse, visualize, share, and collaborate around data is a must have for any enterprise. The underlying promise of visual......

Digital Signposts: The Collaboration Channel

As more and more companies embrace the digital workplace concept, visual communications will inevitably become an integral part of the re-imagined flow of information and ideas. Highly targeted channels of content, visualized for clarity and impact, will guide employees toward better decisions utilizing real-time data. Now let’s raise the bar even further: If those same content channels were......


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