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VP, Production, X2O Media/Barco

Vern Freedlander

With over twenty years of broadcast television experience as a producer, director and executive, Vern oversees all of X2O Media’s content initiatives. Vern works with a variety of clients on content planning, brand enhancements, innovative workflow processes and strategies around maximizing the effectiveness of visual communications. By forging strategic content partnerships and by developing in-house content products and services, Vern has helped positioned X2O Media as both a technology and content leader. Vern is a thought leader in the field of digital signage and is an in demand speaker at industry events. His articles and white papers focus on important industry trends and practical ways users can both resolve business and communications issues and create new opportunities through visual communications.

Digital Signposts: Lessons from the Newsroom

 The broadcast newsroom is a great working environment for corporate communicators to emulate. The ability to assess, produce, and distribute important content is a crucial, daily function for journalists. Digital signage producers who want to make a significant impact on their viewers should use the same approach.Broadcast producers are focused on three things that help ensure that their......


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