Voice, Data, and Video Transmission Over Fiber Networks

Networked AV Show 1 1/14/2009 3:27 AM

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On the inaugural edition of the Networked AV podcast, Bennett Liles talks with Rich Tull of Versitron, a company founded in 1958 and one of the first commercial firms in fiber optics. Rich details the company’s offerings in voice, data, and video transmission over fiber networks and offers some advice on the pitfalls in fiber installation. Security applications are also explored.

Show Notes
• Bend radius considerations for fiber-optic lines
• Controlling security cameras on fiber networks
• Bi-directional data, video, and audio transmission
• The technique of wave division multiplexing
• Basic standards involved in CCTV
• Versitron’s FVC-14 and its customization and backup features.

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