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December 1998

December 1998 Columns BUYER’S REMORSE: how to avoid it Ted Tate After you spend hours closing a prospect and using every strategy you can possibly think of, the buyer...


November 1998

November 1998 Features Stage Presence Jack McLean Acoustically and architecturally, the main theater at the Viterbo College Fine Arts Center possesses an uncommon splendor now matched by a new...


October 1998

October 1998 Columns EIGHTEEN things to avoid when making sales calls Ted Tate When I was young and just starting a sales career, my sales manager offered some final...


September 1998

September 1998 Columns STRONG LEADERSHIP: the key to success Alan Kruglak Whenever we come across an article, book or seminar on leadership, most of us instinctively either head for...


August 1998

August 1998 Columns THE ART of getting referrals Ted Tate Getting referrals is beyond the most common method taught new sales persons as a means of lead procurement. It...


July 1998

July 1998 Columns ASSEMBLING the winning sales team Alan Kruglak There are sales management tools that need to be applied to create a highly productive and desirable sales environment....


May 1998

May 1998 Columns Time Management One area of sales that is frequently overlooked is time management. Management is typically not so guilty of this, because they usually are pretty...


April 1998

April 1998 Columns Electrical Safety-an issue of education Nathaniel Hecht Working in our industry, it is just about impossible to avoid hazardous situations when it comes to electricity. I...


March 1998

March 1998 Columns NSCA: A Partner in Technical Training You may find that, like many people in the industry, you need help in a big way and quickly. Our...


February 1998

February 1998 Columns Hidden resources Nathaniel Hecht Do you want to know a secret? At just about every manufacturer, large and small, there is a person whose job it...


January 1998

January 1998 Columns A Tale of Customer Service Nathaniel Hecht Time flies. Here we are in January of 1998, the year that marks the 15th anniversary of Sound &...

Meetings and learning in a world with Covid-19

Old Lyme, Connecticut, September 17, 2020 – A world in transition: Businesses and higher education institutions worldwide currently find themselves walking a unique tightrope. While the COVID-19 pandemic rages in...