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December 2001

December 2001 Features Resisting Change By Alvin G. Sydnor A technical and historical look at why constant-voltage systems have become the norm…. Regionals Triple in Size CEDIA is tripling...


November 2001

November 2001 Features Sound Power By Peter Mapp Sound power is one of the most useful–and overlooked–of all loudspeaker measurements…. CEDIA Manufacturer Excellence Awards Honor the Industry’s Finest Work...


October 2001

October 2001 Features Tying Systems Together By Mike Andrews Each new trade show season heralds impressive advancements in the area of video and data display. The video projectors on...


August 2001

August 2001 Features Innovations in EXPO Education Change is an integral part of our industry, and often the change is for the better. You will notice a few changes...


July 2001

July 2001 Columns The State of Broadband Entertainment NATHANIEL HECHT We just don’t have the bandwidth available to see full-length movies in the way we are used to. WHILE...


June 2001

June 2001 Columns TRUTH IN PUBLISHING Nathaniel Hecht, editor Truth is a delicate flower. It needs light, nourishment and protection to stay alive. Sanford D. Hecht, M.D. WHEN I...


May 2001

May 2001 Columns A WORD ABOUT SUBSCRIPTIONS Nathaniel Hecht, editor I KNOW THAT SUBSCRIPTION FORMS SOUND LIKE A BORING SUBJECT, but they really are important. We have thousands of...


April 2001

April 2001 Columns NSCA STRIKES BACK Nathaniel Hecht, editor THIS YEAR’S NSCA SHOW IN ORLANDO WAS THE SITE OF A SIGNIFICANT announcement concerning the future of our industry. As...


March 2001

March 2001 Columns CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY GROWTH Nathaniel Hecht, editor How Will it Affect Us?… A Loan at Last J. Tol Broome Ask 10 small business owners to tell you...


February 2001

February 2001 Features SHAMU’S SOUND GUY Eddie Ciletti Mike Roussin has been recording and mastering the audio required for the various shows at Sea World in Florida and for...


January 2001

January 2001 Columns TRADE SHOW CONFLICTS Nathaniel Hecht, Editor A number of months ago I wrote about the overlap of related industry trade shows, both domestic and abroad, particularly...

Mo-Sys Launches StarTracker Sports Studio

Mo-Sys Engineering (, leaders in virtual production and image robotics, and HYPER Studios (, leaders in cloud broadcast graphics, have created the first virtual production system with data-driven sports...