PanTech Designs Installs and Programs Voting, Lighting, and Sound Systems for the Fort Worth City Council Complex, Part 2

Corporate AV Podcast Show 16
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In part two of this podcast (read part one), contributing editor Bennett Liles continues his talk with Troy Morgan and Eric Dell of PanTech Design, a system design and programming firm in Grapevine, Texas specializing in making control of complex AV systems easy to use. Troy and Eric discuss the programming they used to provide automatic sequences and priority control for the mayor and council secretary. They also cover the programming specifics of the council voting system. Useful links:

Extron Crosspoint Ultra 1212 switcher used to switch sources to displays
Extron DVS 304 scaler used to scale video sources prior to switching
The Granicus voting system used by the Ft. Worth City Council
The Tascam DV-D01U disc player used in the production room

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