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Security and Control Over Fiber

AV Over Fiber Show 37

In this edition of the AV Over Fiber podcast, Sound & Video Contractor Contributing Editor Bennett Liles talks Ramesh Sheth, President and CEO of S.I. Tech, maker of fiber-optic media converters, multiplexers, repeaters, hubs, and cable assemblies. The company got into fiber optics very early with the acquisition of Belden’s fiber-optic systems division in 1984. Ramesh discusses the latest trends in fiber optics for video transmission and offers some insight from the inside of the industry in the field of security and transmission of control signals over fiber.

Show Notes
– The use of media converters in security systems

The use of opto-isolators for protection of expensive video gear

– TTL signal transmission over fiber links for security

– Fiber transmission of USB 1.1 and USB 2

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