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Cynthia Wisehart on HOW Nashville

I’m excited to tell you that I’m working on an event for November. We’re going to be doing a daylong Houses of Worship educational event at Belmont University in Nashville on November 12th. I’d like you to come if you can. This is a first-time event, but it’s being co-located with the support of my audio colleagues’ popular Mix Nashville event. Same day at a great location. Belmont University is beautiful (and they have a lot of AV themselves). They’re making us very welcome.

We will all be together—music pros and AV pros sharing knowledge about music production and systems integration for houses of worship. We’re going to have some exhibits, classes, food, music and a very special backstage tour of a number of famous Music Row studios. I think it’s going to be a really fun day and I look forward to seeing any of you there who are local enough to drop in. You can find out more at

The overarching topic for the systems part of the day is how to expand mission through AV. A lot of churches want to grow; they may be able to physically grow their building, but often AV can offer a more viable way to expand.

Sometimes an existing space can be made more functional and flexible through networked AV and more people can be reached that way. This can apply to people in a church, on a mutli-site church campus or even in remote locations who are reached by streaming.

We’re also going to talk about the importance of intelligibility to mission. I’ve had one pastor tell me that intelligibility is actually a Biblical obligation because what good is mission if it can’t be heard and understood? We’ll be having some hands-on demos of products, and talking about how to design systems that volunteers can operate. You’ll learn a bit about mixing and acoustics from seasoned pros, and there will be a chance to network with church media directors, consultants, and others who share your passion for church AV.

Starting in the late afternoon, we’ll take off for nearby Music Row where we’ll get to see some of the most famous studios in Nashville. Since so many of you in church AV are musicians or music lovers yourselves I think this will be a nice way to wrap up, including a final party at Ocean Way Recording.

You’ll be hearing more about this in the weeks to come. Thanks, Cynthia

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