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Cynthia Wisehart on Dante Certification

Not everything we do for work has to be work. I know time is at a premium for everyone, but this month, I’m going to make a pitch for your time. We’re doing two events this month—one virtual, one onsite, and I think they’re both valuable for different reasons. First, we’re working with Audinate to help you get your Dante Certification with a minimum of time investment.

Earlier this year, we did a virtual Level 1 training that 900 people have taken advantage of so far. You can still do that too. (Just visit and you’ll see it.) You will attend a one hour on-demand webcast put on by Audinate’s head of training Danu Vino. At the conclusion of the webcast, you’ll go to Audinate’s site, register, complete an exam and receive your Level 1 certification as well as 2 CTS RUs. (We point you to the right places.) All of it takes about 90 minutes to two hours to do (you don’t have to do it all at once) and you’re Level 1 certified for Dante. Done.

We are now going to do the same thing with Level 2 Dante Certification. You can attend that webcast live with me and Danu on September 26th. Or you can get it on demand after that date. It’s an investment but I think it could be important one. At InfoComm we saw Audinate’s expanding plans for control, and their announcement of Dante AV which will encompass video. I think it’s professionally beneficial to be Dante-certified, which is why I want to make it easier. It’s free btw.

Two days later, on September 28th is a second event that is probably only relevant if you live in Los Angeles. Still, it is such a great event (now in its sixth year) that I want to spread the world. It’s somewhat tangentially AV but it still speaks to us, especially if streaming or virtual reality are in your brief. The event is Sound for Film which my colleagues put on at Sony Pictures. It’s a great opportunity to get inside that spectacular facility and onto those sound stages. The programming is always lively and great.

This year the keynote is Soundelux co-founder and sound designer Wylie Statemen who will talk about his work with Quentin Tarantino, most recently on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. There are 25 other speakers, including former Focusrite president Phil Wagner (now with Shine Streaming). Speakers from Netflix, Universal, Sony, and perhaps most important to us—Belmont University—will be among them.

If it’s right for you, don’t miss it. If you go to you’ll see where to register.

My goal for the coming school year (my daughter is a senior) is self-improvement. I don’t care how that sounds. So, you will continue to see these types of virtual and onsite events from me. As I watch my daughter gobble up knowledge and experiences, and reach hard to create a worthwhile future, I’m reminded of how important that energy is. The world is full of ideas, creativity, and commitment. There are people who can enrich you, and you can enrich others. Again, I don’t care how that sounds. Time spent engaged and growing has a way of gently, and effectively, pushing out other things that are not as worthy of our time and attention.

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