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Cynthia Wisehart on Mix Sound for Film & TV

In-person is back for so many things. One of my favorite in-person events has been the Mix Sound for Film & TV event put on by my longtime colleague Tom Kenny at Mix. For the ninth (!) annual gathering, the crew is back at Sony Pictures Culver City which is worth seeing for any excuse. It’s a place that is at once historic and forward-thinking with luxury soundstages and suites.

Audio post-production is tangential to Pro AV but it’s a big part of why we are here at least on the audio side. This is the process behind the playback and or anyone who loves recorded or mixed music for picture, it’s just uplifting to go if you happen to be in LA on September 24th which is a Saturday. Tom calls it an” intimate expert-driven day” and that’s the luxury of going. Like a tradeshow—and in some ways more so—it connects us to excellence. It sounds corny to say it but from experience, there is a tribåe in AV that drafts off excellence and likes to be near it. If you need a post-pandemic reminder of how committed audio people can be, this could be your event.

Sound for Film & Television got through the pandemic through the virtual stylings of the vFair platform. I went. I was surprised that I liked it, but of course we were desperate to do anything, so the bar was low. (I also binge-watched YouTube videos of every concert I could remember going to or being a part of).

However I can still remember the pre-pandemic version of the event so fondly. It’s back and will fill up those rooms and stages with demos and panels. This time though, there will also be talk of virtual production and remote collaboration, things that do touch more into our wheelhouse. These techniques and workflows that have surged forward into the day-to-day business of post-production like Avid Media Composers and Pro Tools did in the 1990s. Suddenly the world was different. That was a kind of hybrid, and that’s what we’re doing now. Save the date, consider registering, and stay tuned as the sessions take shape at

Speaking of in person events, if you are on the East Coast, DC to be specific, on Friday September 23, Almo’s E4 experience is back this time under the Exertis umbrella. It’s at the Hyatt in Reston, and one of the main draws will be the new Sony Bravia 75K series Pro Tuner display. Earn some CTS RUs in the bargain. Happy mingling.

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