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Best of Show: Infocomm 2020

The annual awards go virtual

The following products are honored from among submitted products for the annual InfoComm show, which took place this year as InfoComm Connected 2020. The driving theme for the judges this year was ease—ease of installation was a particular T concern as well as ease of integration with increasingly IT-driven applications.

ATEN Technoogy UC3022 CAMLIVE PRO:

This video capture device is designed to easily capture and mix two connected 4K cameras for livestreaming with video effects. The CAMLIVE PRO combines video capture, encoding, mixing, and 2-channel video source switching from HDMI cameras and a professional-level audio device. With the integration of the intuitive ATEN OnAir Lite App to streamline workflow, users are able to work independently and wirelessly control the video stream and edit it in real-time from anywhere at the shooting spot. Key supported features include the ability to mix and capture two non-HDCP 4K live videos at 1080P UVC format on a PC or mobile device via USB 3.x interface with seamless transitions; Android / iOS app control; real-time HDMI program video preview; dual analog audio inputs; easily identifiable chroma keys; and protected video switching mode for regular event usage. Judges liked the prospect of bringing an easy, all-in-one tool with professional features to a wider user base.

AUDAC MFA Multi-Functional SourceCon Amplifier:

AUDAC’s MFA Series multi-functional amplifiers (80W or 160W) are designed for small to medium-sized installations that need the functionality of a comprehensive audio system without high hardware costs. The addition of the AUDAC Touch 2 and an integrated SourceCon input slot opens up further possibilities for this amplifier. The included WaveDynamics audio processing technology, enables advanced acoustic configurations to be setup and controlled via the AUDAC WaveDynamics configurator. The MFA series comes with the same popular, user-friendly interface that AUDAC’s SMA, SMQ, PMQ & XMP series. It enables enhanced settings on the front of the amplifier through a 2.5” graphical display; users can also import configuration files from a USB. From a connectivity standpoint, the series supports RS232 & RS485 connection, and an optional Dante expansion.

It supports a balanced Mic / Line input through a 3-Pin terminal block. The unbalanced stereo line input allows the connection of any type of line-level audio source while a SourceCon module slot makes it possible to integrate streaming services like Spotify or SoundtrackYourBrand, (internet) radio & other audio player modules directly into the MFA amplifier. On the outside, the MFA features a slim and sleek design in a compact tabletop mountable enclosure. With the optional 19” installation brackets it’s also possible to install the MFA in 1HE high, half 19” rack space. Judges voted this among the “can’t live without” products for its versatility and ease of use for smaller scale business installations.

Axis Communications AXIS C1410 Network Mini Speaker:

This all-in-one speaker system is designed to broadcast prerecorded messages, live or scheduled announcements, paging, music, and security alerts and mass notification. It offers wide-area audio coverage, for high-quality voice and audio announcements in any indoor environment including retail locations, healthcare and education facilities, and corporate offices. For end-users who rely on the speaker for remote audio coverage, built in, pre-configured digital signal processing (DSP) ensures clear, audio and voice messages directly following installation. Built-in Audio Player software also delivers zoning and scheduling capabilities, allowing end users to schedule background music and/or messages and broadcast audio in different zones. For security, a built-in PIR sensor for motion detection triggers audio messages and/or alarms to notify security personnel in response to detected motion. Built-in memory supports pre-recorded messages and allows security personnel to respond to notifications. Designed with open standards for easy integration, AXIS C1410 Network Mini Speaker is a PoE powered standalone unit that can be placed almost anywhere to enhance existing security systems in small, indoor spaces including walls, ceilings, or tight corridors. The speaker’s small, flexible design features easy integration with any network video, access control systems and Voice over IP (VoIP). A built-in microphone, the speaker allows for remote health testing so end users can confirm that the system is always working. The speaker connects to the network via RJ-45 using category cable, so no special audio cables are required. The speaker can also be easily combined with other Axis network speakers to ensure complete audio coverage across an entire installation. Given the speaker’s broad reach, users will require fewer speakers for wide-area audio coverage, resulting in fewer speakers to install and reduced installation costs. Judges keyed on the PoE and the ability to combine with a range of Axis speakers for easier deployment of larger-scale solutions.

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K:

Building on the popularity of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, this is a new handheld digital film camera with a full Super 35 size 6K HDR image sensor (6144×3456), 13 stops of dynamic range, EF lens mount, dual native ISO up to 25,600 for incredible low light performance, and built-in SD/UHS-II and CFast 2.0 recorders for Blackmagic RAW or ProRes recording, as well as a USB-C expansion port for recording externally to disks. Pocket Cinema Camera 6K has everything needed for feature films, television programing and documentaries, however, these same features can also be used to revolutionize other types of work, such as blog videos, YouTube content and more. Users can connect a Pocket Cinema Camera 6K to an ATEM Mini or ATEM Mini Pro switcher and get control of the camera parameters, lens and tally light for a professional live studio workflow. Pocket Cinema Camera 6K’s record light becomes a tally light for seeing which camera is on air. The ATEM Software Control’s camera page offers a range of control options. The Pocket Cinema Camera 6K’s 13 stops of dynamic range preserve more detail in the lightest and darkest areas of an image than simple video cameras can. This allows users to set exposure for an indoor scene and still retain the details of bright outdoor light coming through a window. Users get more colors than the standard DCI-P3 colorspace. The camera features dual gain ISO up to 25,600, minimizing grain or noise in images, while maintaining the full dynamic range of the sensor. The gain is set automatically as the ISO setting is adjusted on the camera, so it’s easy to capture great images when lighting setups are not available. Pocket Cinema Camera 6K includes a full version of DaVinci Resolve Studio, the professional editing, color correction, audio post and visual effects post production application. Judges praised the camera for making cinema-quality nimble and accessible for almost anyone.

Bose Videobar VB1 Conferencing Device:

This an all-in-one USB conferencing device brings premium audio and video to meeting areas — from huddle spaces to medium-sized rooms—walk into the room and connect using a single USB cable. There’s no need for separate audio and video cables at the table, reducing clutter and distractions. Six automatic beamsteering mics actively focus on voices in the room and reject noise; and auto EQ that delivers optimized audio to all participants. A 4K ultra-HD camera with autoframing delivers clear video, so everyone can see and understand the presenter, whiteboard, flipchart or other in-room objects—helping remote participants feel like they’re in the room. Proprietary Bose sound supports multimedia presentations, plays Bluetooth audio, and ensures voices on the call sound natural. An included table stand or wall-mount kit or VESA mounting accessory (sold separately) allow for easy installation and tilt capability to keep the team centered in the video image. The device connects to existing network infrastructure and integrates with popular cloud communication services including Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, Zoom and more.

Remote management and configuration capabilities make it simple to deploy and manage— from a single unit installed in one meeting area to thousands of units installed in conference rooms across the globe. Judges saw this as a seamless, high quality, and accessible conference room experience.

Christie MicroTiles LED Active 3D:

This news addition to the MicroTiles line enables a robust, flicker-free 3D experience. Using active shuttered 3D glasses, users can view 3D content at 120Hz (60Hz per eye) in a 1.25mm pixel pitch. Combined with MicroTiles’ high-brightness and P3 cinema-quality color, Christie MicroTiles LED Active 3D is suitable for even demanding 3D installations such as aerospace, automotive, military, and themed entertainment. With Active 3D, Christie MicroTiles LED displays 4K UHD content at 120 frames per second at 1000 nits brightness via a Christie Link E1000-3D video wall controller. Coupled with Christie MicroTiles LED design flexibility, including inside and outside corners up to 90-degrees and convex and concave curves, the display can be customized to suit anywhere from CAVEs to control rooms. The cabinet-free Click-n-Go LED tiles can be arranged seamlessly in nearlimitless ways. An innovative ADA-compliant QuickMount system lets you quickly build your display in virtually any shape or size in half the time of other LED products. And the intuitive, easy-to-use webbased control interface can be accessed from any connected device. Judges liked seeing this proven technology get more 3D design options for innovative user experiences that require high brightness, small flexible size.

Contemporary Research QMOD-HDMI 4K UHD Modulator-IPTV Encoder:

This is a USA-engineered and manufactured, professional frequency-agile RF Modulator-IPTV Encoder for distributing UHD or HD video content over CATV systems to an unlimited number of televisions or standalone HDTV Tuners. The unit is ideal for applications needing to distribute ultra-high-definition video from cameras, satellite receivers and cable boxes, or 4K digital signage content from media players and PCs. Video encoding is available in high quality H.265(HEVC) or H.264 formats. To ease in design and installation, the RF output level is adjustable up to 45 dBmV, which will allow for long distance cable runs with no additional amplification products needed. The QMOD-HDMI 4K is great for hybrid systems or those that eventually plan to shift to an AV over IP distribution system, as this product can simultaneously output content as RF channels and Multicast or Unicast IPTV streams. Unique features include easy front-panel setup, so no PC is required for configuration and a built-in hardware scaler which will compensate for non-broadcast and other frame rates while accepting content inputs up to 4K (2160p). The QMOD-HDMI 4K not only delivers fully agile QAM 64/256 digital cable channels 2-135, but can also deliver as 8VSB off-air channels 2-69. Unlike competitive products, the QMOD-HDMI 4K is a compact half rack width, allowing the easy addition of channels or streams to any AV rack. “This is a high quality distribution that can work with both existing systems and IP networks and will help bring down total cost of ownership especially for larger installations,” judges pointed out, also keying on the ability to accept content up to 4K (2160p) and simultaneously output content as RF channels and Multicast or Unicast IPTV streams.

Crestron Electronics 4K Multiformat 2X1 AV Switch and Reciever with POE+:

The Crestron HD-RX-4K-210-C-E-POE is a compact multiformat AV switch and receiver that provides HDMI video switching and audio presentation capabilities for applications such as conference rooms and classrooms. Compatible with all DM Lite transmitters, the HD-RX4K-210-C-E-POE provides one DM Lite input for connection to one transmitter. A CATx (CAT5e or higher) twisted pair cable connects a transmitter for the transmission of HDMI signals. For resolutions up to 2K, the maximum transmission distance is 230 ft. (130 ft. for 4K). Automatic switching between the DM Lite input and HDMI input can occur based on the last connected input or on the routing priority assigned to each input. Switching behavior is configurable using the web interface, or programmable using a Crestron control system. The front panel includes input selection push buttons. In addition to one DM Lite input, the HD-RX-4K-210-C-EPOE provides one HDMI input that can be connected to a local AV source or to an optional Crestron media presentation wall plate. The single HDMI output has a built-in scaler. Input resolutions up to 4K60 4:2:0 are supported; EDID management is supported. The HD-RX-4K210-C-E-POE includes a Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ PD port that can be connected to a PoE+ port on a Gigabit Ethernet switch. PoE+ eliminates the need for the HD-RX-4K-210-C-E-POE or the connected DM Lite transmitter to be connected to the PW-2412WU power pack. Equipped with onboard control ports, and an Ethernet port, the HD-RX-4K-210- C-E-POE can control various devices in a room. The COM (RS-232) port and CEC over the HDMI output can enable the display device to be turned on or off automatically without the use of a control system. With the use of a control system, the IR port can also control the display device. Two relay ports are provided for controlling low-voltage contact-closure activated equipment. Two Versiport I/O ports enable the integration of devices such as power sensors and motion detectors. The built-in .AV Framework technology of the MPC3-201 and MPC3- 302 Series control systems can be used to control the HD-RX-4K-210- C-E-POE as a switcher. The HD-RX-4K-210-C-E-POE is compatible with the Crestron XiO Cloud service. Judges identified this as one of the “can’t-live-without” nominations. “Simplified and low cost distribution and switching of audiovisual sources is a must and Crestron has yet another way to meet that everyday need.”

Crestron Electronics Flex MX:

Flex MX offers organizations the unique flexibility to run native Microsoft Teams (UC-MX150-T) or Zoom Rooms (UC-MX150-Z) software, and seamlessly switch to BYOD mode for all other conferencing software. Thus, for organizations standardized on Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms, Flex MX delivers those native experiences, while for other calls users can plug in their laptops and use the software on their device for the meeting. This eliminates the concern that a meeting room will not support a user’s call. This capability is unique among UC products. Additionally, Flex MX simplifies connection to the room display, requiring just a single cable. Providing both a native and BYOD experience, Flex MX enables people to work together regardless of location or conferencing application. An intelligent camera with a 150-degree field of vision field of view to captures an entire conference room while a 360-degree quad microphone array allows users to enjoy phone calls that sound like everyone is in the same room. Flex MX is easy to specify and install with no custom design, programming, or software installation required. Crestron Flex is an enterprise-grade solution ideally equipped for mass deployment throughout corporate, university, medical, military, or government facilities of any size. IoT cloud-based provisioning enables complete network configuration in advance of hardware delivery, with touchless updates following installation via Windows software update. Crestron XiO Cloud management enables monitoring and logging of room and equipment usage, as well as centralized help desk support. Advanced security features ensure compliance with your organization’s IT policies. A judge summed up: “Although I am a fan of agnostic solutions, any enterprise dedicated to Teams or Zoom will find this easily brings simplified use and standardization to the forefront of AV system design”.

Crestron Electronics X Series Amplifier:

This is a high performance, space-saving, energy-efficient, configurable pro grade Class D amplifier. I can deploy as a stereo amp that mounts on a wall or under a table, or a multichannel rack mount amp with multiple output types and power levels. The four, dual-channel amplifier is rated at 75W per channel with a choice of “Lo-Z” outputs to drive 4 or 8-ohm speakers, or “Hi-Z” outputs to drive a distributed speaker system (70V or 100V). With both balanced and unbalanced inputs connecting to a two stereo or four mono source(s) via a detachable terminal black or RCA connectors it’s easy to install. An internal universal power supply ensures consistent performance at varying line voltages. The AMP-X300 draws no added inrush current during powerup, thereby reducing AC circuit requirements and allowing multiple units to be connected to a single switched circuit. The efficient design ensures cool running operation and long-term reliability. The amplifier is high-density stackable with other Crestron modular amps, allowing multiple units to be installed vertically in an equipment rack without needing extra ventilation space. The AMP-X300 features protection against overheating, shorted or overloaded speaker lines, excessive input signals, and other faults. The AMP-X300 is housed in a halfwidth rack-mountable form factor that can be installed individually or ganged together in a single rack space. The amplifier ships complete with all the hardware required for installation including both rack and surface mount parts. Whether mounting in a rack, attaching to a flat surface, or placing on a shelf, it’s easy to combine two amplifiers into a single assembly. “A versatile designs that fit almost any situation.”

D-Tools System Integrator:

This long-standing business software streamlines project workflows for integrators, including sales, system design, installation, back office management, and service, through a data-driven process that leverages an extensive and integrated product library with supplier pricing. Features include: a comprehensive integrated product library with supplier pricing; professional sales management feature; integrated Visio and AutoCAD; integrated service and installation management; back office management through integrations with QuickBooks and other accounting and ERP systems. The new enhancements for 2020 that caught judges eye include Gantt Charts, which give SI users the ability to determine planned vs. actual timelines on a project with a view of tasks scheduled over time, showing what work is scheduled to be done on a specific day, while also helping view the start and end dates of a project in one simple view. New Business Intelligence reporting includes the ability to build queries across Projects, Clients, Purchase Orders, Tasks, Service Orders and Service Plans. This will help SI users customize their user experience to view data that is relevant to their role within their organization. “This is a must have for any systems integration company,” one judge wrote. “TCO and ROI are key to making strategic business decisions and D-Tools brings down the TCO while quickly making a return on the investment. Can’t live without.”

Draper Foundation:

Video wall installation can easily be derailed. Walls that aren’t flat, floors that are uneven, and tight installation deadlines are just a few of the headaches installers face. Judges picked up on how installation was front of mind for Draper’s all-new Foundation Mount System. For example, Foundation’s fine Z-axis wall adjustment quickly and precisely makes the system plumb. A plumb alignment pin helps get the system plumb quickly and precisely even when dealing with non-flat surfaces. Vertical rail adjusters allow integrators to quickly align and level the bottom row of cabinets. Key-hole attachment on the wall brackets let a single installer mount an entire horizontal rail at once, and hanger clips let one installer easily mount the vertical rails. Notches on the sides of each upright accommodate a laser level right on the mount for precise leveling. And the Foundation’s trim attaches quickly and easily using powerful rare earth magnets. The Foundation also helps keep your LED modules safe during installation. LED panel mounting slots minimize the amount of contact between LED modules and a spring-loaded mounting stud pushes them into final z-axis position. The Foundation Mount System for Barco XT and Foundation Mount System for Unilumin UPanelS are available now. The Foundation will soon be available with many more displays. This product stood out to the judges as the most installation-focused among the nominees. “Products that simplify the installation of video walls are important and anything that will help with future service is key.”

Elite Screens Tripod Tab-Tension Pro CineGrey 5D:

The Tripod Tab-Tension CineGrey 5D series is a unique type of projection screen that features an ambient light rejecting material on a portable, free-standing, “roll-up” configuration that is equipped with enhanced features for high end presentations. The tab-tension reinforced CineGrey 5D ambient and ceiling light rejecting (CLR) projection material is ISF Certified for reference quality performance. The tab-tension feature creates a flat and taut projection surface that is ripple-free. The CineGrey 5D uses reflective and absorbent micro-particles to eliminate up to 75% of ceiling ambient light. High-contrast diffusion layers enhance black level dynamic range and color saturation while the angular reflectivity negates light scatter artifacts and is ideal for residential or commercial applications. “Very innovative for a portable screen application,” according to the judges.

Epson America ELPLX03 Ultra Short-Throw Lens:

The new ELPLX03 ultra short-throw lens brings zero-offset, ultra short-throw solutions to every one of the company’s current interchangeable lens models ranging from 6,000 to 30,000 lumens. It’s an ideal solution for narrow spaces and rear-projection applications, enabling projector displays up to 1000 inches starting just feet away. Originally designed for Epson’s 30,000 and 25,000 high-lumen laser projectors, this ultra short-throw lens offers a 0.35 throw ratio, zero offset and extensive lens shift range for flexible placement. The ELPLX03 ultra short-throw lens provides installers a powerful projector tool for integration into applications and locations that may normally not be ideal for a projector solution. Whether integrating a recessed projector in the ceiling as an alternative to an expensive video wall, or projecting on a large screen behind performers and needing to ensure the image does not cast shadows or interfere with musicians, this lens allows for immersive, larger-than-life experiences from short distances across a wide range of environments. “An innovative addition to the line of Epson lenses allowing for more versatility of installation,” said one judge.

FiberCommand IROVF:

IROVF is an internationally patented uncompressed 8K video cable that combines HDMI, Internet, TOSLINK, and infrared remote control in a powerful and easy-to-use tool. Conceived for home applications, it transmits 4K and 8K HDMI 2.1 video, with 4:4:4 and HDR, with zero perceptible lag. The cable combines an uncompressed laser fiber optic cable in lengths from 3 to 1,000 feet, together with two TOSLINK, 10Gb Ethernet, infrared remote control, gaming extender, and more. IROVF delivers full 48 Gb/s bandwidth up to 500 meters with no external power supply. IROVF simultaneously delivers video and IR remote signals, serial, data, audio, 1/10Gb Ethernet, and USB, in a slim and flexible all-in-one cable that fits drywall, conduits, and keystone wall plates. It is ideal for Full HDR TV and even VR gaming. Though pitched at residential, judges could see where this innovative option could simplify the right commercial installation. “Any product that will simplify installation for my installers while bringing reliable transmission of high-quality video to my client quickly moves to the top of products I will use.”

Kramer Electronics AFM-20DSP Audio Matrix:

Part of the Kramer XSPerience Family of DSP products, the AFM20DSP is the industry’s first 20-port audio matrix with DSP and interchangeable inputs and outputs in the US market. AFM 20DSP provides configuration flexibility and eliminates I/O limitations with its 20 interchangeable analog audio ports, letting AV professionals get more functionality for less real estate. AFM-20DSP also carries 8 AEC channels, auto feedback suppression, Dante support, built-in Hi-Z and Lo-Z 120W power amplification, and complete DSP functionality powered by Xilica – a prominent name in the development of class-leading configurable DSP systems since its establishment in 2002. Not overlooking video requirements, AFM-20DSP provides HDMI embedding and de-embedding at 4K60 4:2:0. AFM 20DSP, with both fixed and open architecture, enabling AV professionals to use predefined sound configurations or configure a system from scratch. AFM-20DSP can be easily integrated in existing AV installations but is ideal for the most demanding boardrooms, multipurpose spaces, auditoriums, sports bars, houses of worship, live events, broadcast facilities, and recording studios.“Versatility and interoperability is key with this innovative product. The ability to easily deploy products with this many features will quickly dominate the market,” wrote one our judges.

NEC Display NP-PX2000UL Single-Chip DLP Projector:

NEC claims that this high-brightness, single-chip DLP projector with a RB laser light source delivers color quality near to a three-chip DLP projector. It’s pitched at higher education classrooms, corporate spaces, museums, houses of worship, digital signage applications, and more. The flexibility of this projector includes roll-free installation for projection in any desired orientation, built-in edge blending, projection mapping support, and broad connectivity including dual HDMI, HDBaseT, VGA, DVI-D, DisplayPort and HDSDI inputs. Similarly, the PX2000UL offers NEC’s industry-leading 5-year warranty for its customers. In order to produce its brilliant image quality, the PX2000UL offers WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution, and its DLP technology provides better white uniformity for clearer images. It has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and its lens throwing distances ranges from 3.3ft. to 247.4ft. The projector is capable of running 24/7, and its light source has a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours. The PX2000UL features NEC’s sealed optical engine technology. “A great product at a great price.” said one judge. “It will keep the battle of projection vs. flat panel alive.”

Roland V-8HD HD Video Switcher:

This all-in-one ultra-mobile hardware design eliminates computer setup hassles and software-based crashes, while the HDMI workflow and loaded professional toolset streamline production and reduce stress for live event production. Features include an all-HDMI workflow; five-layer effects and keying engine; built-in multi-viewer preview monitor; aux output for a different video feed; technology-assisted automatic video switching; 18-channel digital audio mixer with effects; Start & Stop Atomos recorders; and free iPad remote control app. The V-8HD seamlessly mixes eight HDMI sources with Full HD support, even when the sources have mismatched frame rates and color spaces. Built-in scalers on two of the HDMI inputs, support client-provided sources like computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, and legacy 4:3 devices. Five compositing layers and eight presets support a range of effects. Buttons are available for sending any connected input devices to a dedicated aux output without affecting the main feed. It’s also possible to synchronize the aux output with the program output, providing a built-in 2x distribution amp. From a single screen, users can monitor all eight video inputs, PGM, and PVW plus menu overlay. Input windows show camcorder recording status and embedded audio levels; it’s also compatible with external monitors. It weighs in at only around 4 lb./2 kg, making it easy to carry in a backpack or luggage. “Simplified video production switching for the every day user is a must-have for everyone,” said one judge who rated the switcher “can’t live without.”

Ross Video: Ross Graphite PPC:

The Graphite Portable Production Center (PPC) offers a complete production solution neatly housed in a single compact carrying case. It’s a powerful all-in-one production platform built for portability and ease of operation, but with big switcher performance, XPression graphics, instant-access clip servers, and RAVE audio. It’s ultra-quiet fan allows it to be deployed just about anywhere—even next to on-air talent. As a lightweight and portable system, Graphite PPC offers customers a remarkable amount of production horsepower with up to two MEs (and four MiniMEs), four DVEs, six frame syncs, four media stores and two MultiViewers. In addition, Graphite PPC is capable of handling up to 13 inputs and up to eight outputs. “This product offers great versatility in a portable package allowing users both beginner and advanced the ability to have a full production center on the go.”

Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 Microphone:

With unique patented automatic beamforming technology, speech is clearly transmitted to external meeting participants from anywhere in the meeting room. With Microsoft Team certification and Zoom compatibility, the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is ready for today’s modern environment. Judges responded to the ease of both IT and AV integration with Dante audio outputs and PoE. With Sennheiser’s Control Cockpit software and Dante Domain Manager compatibility, the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is one of the most ITfriendly devices on the market.

Sharp Electronics Synappx WorkSpaces Smart Office:

Synappx WorkSpaces from Sharp is designed to help organizations with data and analytics to assess and make informed decisions about their Windows collaboration display technology and workspace investments. For example, analytics and insights from Synappx WorkSpaces can not only help organizations understand if employees are utilizing Windows collaboration displays, it can track who is booking a shared workspace, whether those meetings actually occur, and the workspace’s ambient conditions, such as temperature changes and attendee impact. Meanwhile, status analytics provide alerts about factors such as temperature, humidity and air quality that can impact employee productivity. Judges rated it a can’t live without product. “Data analytics are essential in the modern enterprise environment and this product ties the AV together with so much more. That information is priceless to those that really know how to use it,” enthused one judge.

Shure Incorporated IntelliMix Room:

As more meetings move online, it is essential for the technology that powers them to run seamlessly and effectively in real-time. However, audio is still considered a pain point for many users as it can be diifficult to hold a productive meeting without clear sound. To bring clear audio to meeting spaces of all sizes, Shure developed IntelliMix Room – the first audio processing software for Windows 10 PCs that is fully optimized for use with Shure networked system microphones. IntelliMix Room is a secure software-based digital signal processing (DSP) that requires minimal customer setup or additional special hardware. It can be deployed to in-room Windows 10 PCs and meeting control devices that are already in place to run popular software-based AV conferencing services, bringing improved audio to video conference calls. Providing up to 16 channels of audio processing, IntelliMix Room deploys the same algorithms as Shure’s award-winning P300 IntelliMix Audio Conferencing Processor but is installed on the same in-room PC as the conferencing soft codec. IntelliMix Room is licensed on three-year and five-year options which include support and maintenance. It is fully Dante compliant; all audio over the Dante network secured via Shure Network Audio Encryption. “Great DSP product at a reasonable cost that is easy to use,” wrote one judge. “The kind of innovation we need in these times.”

Sony Electronics MAS-A100 Beamforming Microphone:

Sony’s new IP-based ceiling beamforming microphone, MAS-A100, provides enterprises with an advanced audio solution to enable flexible and creative “hands-free” and hassle-free lectures and presentations. The microphone has a dual-channel output for simultaneous recording that captures the speaker and student’s/participants’ voices. Together with the support for Dante2 and Power Over Ethernet (PoE) for easy installation, the MAS-A100 achieves hands-free speech reinforcement without requiring hand-held or body-worn microphones and subsequent batteries or device management. This innovation is enabled by a unique combination of beamforming technology and an original feature called Intelligent Feedback Reducer, which can extract speech sound while suppressing unwanted feedback with Sony high-performance digital signal processing. After capturing voice, the microphone’s Automatic Gain Control function automatically adjusts the output volume to be consistent regardless of the presenter’s location, making lectures and presentations easier to hear. The beamforming microphone has dual-channel output that enables simultaneous speech reinforcement and recording. It covers a wide range and can record not only the speaker’s voice, but also the students and participants. The microphone also has auto-noise reduction capabilities to minimize background sound from air conditioners and projectors, which makes it ideal for lecture capture and meeting recording. The microphone can be easily integrated into existing A/V setups and used with a wide range of products thanks to Dante support. The model also supports PoE, enabling installation and power management with a single network cable. The MAS-A100’s proprietary Automatic Calibration function automatically optimizes the parameters of the audio processing for speech reinforcement by generating and capturing the test signal during the installation process. Sony’s free-of-charge Microphone Array System Manager software (MASM-1) can help centralize configuration and management of multiple microphones in various rooms via an IP connection. “Sony brings its unique take to this important product category,” judges agreed.

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