Onsite: Polycom Announces New Cloud Strategy and Inaugural Offerings

Our VP of Content Tony Savona reports from the Polycom presser today
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Announcing Polycom Cloud Services 5.23.18  5

Polycom has revealed its new unified cloud solutions strategy, called Polycom Cloud Services, and announced two offerings from it—Polycom Device Management Services for Enterprise (PDMS-E) and for Service Providers (PDMS-SP). Both services allow for easier management, analysis, provisioning, and updating voice systems, with video devices expected later in the year.

PDMS-E is designed for self-management, allowing thousands of devices to be maintained and adjusted through the cloud. Users can, for example, select pre-existing profiles, or create their own, and apply them globally to every device in the network, selected groups, or even a single device. PDMS-E is available now.

With PDMS-SP, service providers can incorporate Polycom audio device management and analytics into their customer portal experience and gain improved uptime, the ability to anticipate and mitigate customer issues, aggregate critical analytical data, and customize devices to meet customer needs. The PDMS-SP version was created by leveraging the Obihai Technology solutions Polycom acquired earlier in the year, and will available Q3.

Announcing Polycom Cloud Services 5.23.18  9

“Employees are solving problems together more than ever before by connecting from meeting spaces of all sizes from all over the world. As meeting technology innovation accelerates, so does the complexity,” said Mary McDowell, CEO of Polycom. “Polycom Cloud Services offer customers unique, informative, and actionable data that empowers IT professionals to understand the value of their meeting rooms and make smart technology decisions that create exciting, productive, and fun meeting experiences for their employees.”

Polycom Cloud Services has plans to expand its cloud offerings shortly—the company anticipates adding support to enterprise customers for videoconference devices by end of 2018. Looking further ahead, Polycom will seek to improve users’ meeting experiences through Cloud Services innovations such as natural language control, automatic attendance roster, augmenting Polycom’s existing facial recognition capabilities, and auto-register capabilities.



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