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Open Mic: IP Multicasting

The enterprise can play too

Earlier this year, VITEC announced an early adopter program for its enterprise customers to deploy and test its latest innovation, EZ TV Player Lite. The new EZ TV Player Lite HTML5 browser-based player is a central component of the company’s award-winning EZ TV IPTV & Digital Signage Platform, which already serves more than a million users in the corporate, government, military, and sports venue sectors.

HTML5 has become the technology of choice in the enterprise video industry, despite significant compromises in infrastructure costs, latency, and duplication of video streams due to the absence of multicast video support. VITEC’s latest patent-pending technology uniquely enables multicast delivery of live and recorded video streams, all the way to enterprise users’ computers, without going through multi-unicast distribution servers. The innovative EZ TV Player Lite solution is an intuitive HTML5 application that enables organizations to scale live multicast video services to any size user base without the major costs associated with traditional on-premise transcoding equipment, CDN subscriptions, and costly seat-licenses that result in compromised network bandwidth utilization.

In a press release, VITEC SVP of Enterprise Video Solutions Eli Garten enthused: “We’re excited to announce the worldwide launch of the early adopter program for VITEC’s innovative, browser-agnostic and OS-agnostic, multicast-to-the-edge HTML5 IPTV Player that delivers the latency, security, scalability, and bandwidth utilization efficiencies corporations require. EZ TV Player Lite is a game changer in the Enterprise IPTV marketplace, allowing organizations to use their existing multicast content and existing network configurations to deliver live, multicast video directly to any workstation, laptop, or mobile device in sub-second glass-to-glass delay with no browser extensions or browser plugins.”

VITEC’s EZ TV Platform is one of the most deployed enterprise solutions for IPTV distribution and content management available today. Because existing HTML5 solutions ineffectively deliver hundreds, or thousands, of duplicated video streams throughout the corporate network, VITEC designed a totally different solution that avoids negatively impacting local area networks. The company strategically invested in creating a solution that provides video-centric users an alternative that does not compromise efficiency, playback delay, or increase in overall costs of the IT infrastructure.

“High end stadiums and venues get a lot of the press, but smaller venues have some of the same opportunities for ROI with IP-based systems—they can generate sponsors, and sell those moments of exclusivity and tier their revenue services and generate revenue,” says Bryan Reksten VP of Marketing at VITEC. With the EZ TV Player Lite, innovative options also now extend to the enterprise.”

Whether it’s back to work or back to fun, people are going to want better digital experiences from both.

“People are going to want to be back out, they are going to want to be social and they are going to want a great experience, whether it’s sports, concerts, or even in their enterprise environment,” says Mark D’Addio, SVP of Sales & Marketing at VITEC. “We used to have to compete with the comfort of people’s living rooms. I think now we have even more opportunity to bring the things people like about that to the wider world. People are going to be ready to leave their living rooms.”

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