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Welcome to the Net-centric AV Era

At the end of the next decade, it is possible the industry might be called the Information Communications Technology Industry as it completes the business convergence that is following...


Not Your Typical Moscow Install

With cold weather coming on, this seems a good time to look at take a detailed look at a system intended for year-round operation under extreme weather conditions


Integrated Project Delivery

From a business perspective, integrated project delivery (IPD) is a single tri-party contract between a minimum of the architect, building owner, and general contractor.


InfoComm Licensing Spotlight: Cornell

When institutions, AV integration firms, and manufacturers need to educate a large quantity of people without having to develop their own education curricula from the ground up, they license...


Efficiency at Middle Atlantic

By now, you know I like factory tours and rack rooms. Especially when I get to see American-made enterprise and ingenuity at work, whether in a systems or manufacturing...


ADA: 20 Years Later

It was just two decades ago--July 26, 1990--that President George H. W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law. In terms of removing barriers and opening...

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