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SVC: Next Generation

InfoComm the place where AV professionals converge each year to learn about the newest, latest, and greatest technology and trends about to wash over


Integration Everywhere

As I depart NAB and prepare for InfoComm, it's hard not to notice the depth to which the integration theme has infiltrated not only the installation world,


POV: Getting Social

Social media has been growing dramatically over the past several years. Originally, sites such as MySpace and Facebook were mostly used by high-school


Virtual Dinner

I recall distinctly when it first dawned on me that modern videoconferencing was not just a niche business tool, but a technology with potential to be


POV: New CTS Renewal Process

If you are one of the more than 9,500 audiovisual professionals holding the CTS credential, you should be aware of changes to the CTS renewal process.


AV/IT Culture Gap

Last year in this space, I gawked in awe at the sophistication of intelligent buildings such as New York's Hearst Building the subject of the March 2007


POV: Designing a Better InfoComm

It is tradition for the new president of the InfoComm Board of Governors to provide the membership and the broader community with an update of what the association plans...


POV: Government Relations Update

Just more than two years ago, InfoComm's Board of Governors decided to re-create its government relations program. The goal of this program is to track legislation that is important...


POV: The CTS Revisited

InfoComm has offered its certification program for more than 30 years, and each year it certifies more qualified AV professionals than anyone else in


Government Gigs

Is there a more complicated niche in the AV universe for installation professionals to service than the governmental facility market? I suppose that's

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