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SVC Redesigned

Welcome to our redesign. As those of you who have read Sound & Video Contractor these past three decades know, our mission has always been a technical one.

SVC Redesigned

May 1, 2011 11:38 AM,
By Cynthia Wisehart

Welcome to our redesign. As those of you who have read Sound & Video Contractor these past three decades know, our mission has always been a technical one. We are practical, and strive to be of use to you as you design, specify, install, commission, and support AV systems. In recent years, this has also meant giving you practical ways to compete in an increasingly complex market.

Some of this competitive edge comes from technical knowledge: How good are your results? Does your work produce quality audio, video, and interface experiences for users? Consider Acoustics Expertise, where Bob McCarthy walks through the concept of variable acoustics. It’s something you may not do yourself but can benefit from knowing about. And besides, it’s pretty fascinating. I also encourage you to go beyond our pages to read Bob’s blog. He’s a generous fountain of knowledge.

Being competitive also comes from providing a quality experience for your client: Were you instrumental to a smooth install? Is the system easy for them to use, measure, and service? We know this is one of the most difficult parts of the job. This month consider reading Patrick Barron’s insights on what it takes for a site to be programmer ready. It’s a bit of a fantasy story, I know, but it’s a good checklist and the kind of story that can sometimes help with client communication. Cut it out and include it with your next invoice.

Of course competitive edge also comes from product knowledge. The pace of product rollout is brisk we can help you keep up to date through our Tech Showcases; this month we survey flatscreen mounts
and wireless mics
. If these are key products in your designs, consider going online for two relevant webcasts
. One is on best practices for installing large flatscreens; the other provides exclusive tips on vocal clarity for wireless mics from the crew at San Francisco’s venerable American Conservatory Theater.

The ability to compete also comes from knowledge of emerging technologies and the opportunities they present. We know the AV user base is increasingly curious about networking and streaming: They are asking you how to capture the pastor’s sermon or professor’s lecture, how to distribute it live to multiple locations in their campus or network, or on demand over the Internet. You’ve been seeing reviews and tutorials by streaming veteran Jan Ozer in these pages and will continue to do so. And we will be looking for cover stories like the one in this issue on Brigham Young University that emphasize networking.

We hope you like the new design and that it will help you navigate our many resources to get the technical and practical information you need, whether in these pages, online, or in our community.

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