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Tutorial@TheWire: Inserting media in body text


Here is a sample paragraph that will show how you can insert images into the body text of a paragraph. Once you insert the images you will have the option to display them Inline, Wrap Right or Wrap Left. Let’s look at how all that works. 

First let’s upload an image. Drop the curser above the paragraph you wish to add images to and hit return. You will see this:

Now let’s look at the options for positioning the art in the body copy.

Once you insert the images you will have the option to leave them Inline, or Wrap Right or Wrap Left. Inline is the default and places the image across the full width of the column; Wrap Right and Wrap Left are as expected. Here’s how the default Inline looks.


Wrap Right/Left

Let’s see how that looks; remember you can add a caption, or hyperlink to the image, or easily change the orientation by clicking on the lower right hand corner of the image. You can also experiment with dropping the curser into various spots in the paragraph to adjust how the image lines up. (Having said that I usually just drop the curser at the beginning of the paragraph and live with whatever I get on the wrap).

Wrapping is particularly beneficial for logos and headshots!

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