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3D Tech and AV

Ever since the first patent was filed in the late 1890s, 3D technology has fascinated movie-goers with the promise of a truly 3D experience on film.

3D Tech and AV

Jan 7, 2010 4:56 PM

Ever since the first patent was filed in the late 1890s, 3D technology has fascinated movie-goers with the promise of a truly 3D experience on film. Today, 3D technology’s reach is far beyond the movie theater, with modern applications in advertising, digital signage, architectural design, and medicine. Multidimensional display technology is so popular that, according to the 3D Display Technology and Market Forecast Report by research firm Displaybank, 3D displays will account for 9.2 percent of the total display market by 2015 and is forecasted to grow to $15.8 billion in 2015.

That explosive growth is driven by advances in the technology, as well as creative applications for 3D content in mobile entertainment, medical and scientific applications, and 3D gaming, as well as 3D applications in the classroom for arts and sciences. The residential market is also a growth sector for 3D technology thanks to the introduction of stereoscopic televisions by several major manufacturers.

Developers are also on the cusp of 3D teleconferencing, and the technology for 3D TV without glasses is in the works. The past decade has been an exciting time for the 3D market, and looking ahead, the future applications for this technology are limitless.

In order to keep AV professionals and their clients up to date with the latest 3D technology, InfoComm 2010 will have some new special features highlighting this growing area of interest. Insight Media and InfoComm International are teaming up to produce a new 3D event called 3D Comm. 3D Comm will be held during the regular exhibition hours at the world’s largest professional AV tradeshow, InfoComm 2010, running from June 9-11, 2010 in Las Vegas. 3D Comm will consist of three elements: 3D Technology Pavilion, 3D Technology Showcase, and 3D technology seminars.

The 3D Technology Pavilion includes dedicated exhibit space in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s North Hall, which will showcase a cluster of 3D exhibits and demonstrations. This will create a destination area for those interested in 3D products and services. Exhibitors of 3D content acquisition hardware and software, content management, compression and distribution of 3D display systems, and other aspects of consumer and professional 3D can exhibit in this area.

The 3D Technology Showcase is a purpose-built area adjacent to the 3D Technology Pavilion area that will be used for themed, new, unique, or special purpose 3D demonstrations. Those with a novel approach are encouraged to propose their ideas. Examples of concepts include a 3D classroom, a comparison of 3D technologies, a 3D public-venue simulation, or a 3D home theater.

The 3D Technology seminars will be run outside the exhibition floor in a classroom setting. These 60- to 90-minute sessions will focus on providing unbiased information on many aspects of the 3D ecosystem, helping attendees gain critical knowledge about technology, markets, applications, and uses of 3D. These will be taught by 3D experts and will be offered in a range of levels. Some of the preliminary topics for the 3D technology seminars include: Basics of 3D Displays; Advanced 3D Displays; 3D Encoding and Signal Management; Creating 3D Content is Tricky-Tips, Guidelines and Stories from an Industry Expert; Using 3D in Pro AV: When, Where, and Why; Successful 3D Display Set Up; Mixing 2D and 3D Content; and 3D in Professional Applications.

The 3D Pavilion and 3D Showcase are included in the InfoComm 2010 exhibits registration. The 3D seminars will have an additional attendance fee.

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