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BBVA Bancomer Mexico Selects KanexPro & Kolo for Digital Signage

BBVA is one of the largest private financial institutions around the world serving millions of customers. Grupo Financiero BBVA Bancomer has a significant presence in Mexico that offers a wide variety of financial products and services.

Kolo® is a leader in the integration of digital systems based in Mexico City. Partnering up with KanexPro to offer signal management and extension solutions, Kolo was selected as premium integrator for BBVA Bancomer with almost 2,000 branches, 7 corporate buildings and 5,000 screens nationwide. KanexPro HDBaseT™ Distribution amplifiers and extenders were used in all areas of install as one of the key components of the digital signage architecture.


“The KanexPro line-up of extenders helped us create a universal SKU which could be used in any situation, making it easier to maintain and service for the branches. We are overall very satisfied with KanexPro products.” PABLO GUETERIZ 

Infrastructure Manager, BBVA 


BBVA Bancomer had suffered to integrate a reliable Digital Signage infrastructure which was long due. BBVA needed a reliable, affordable and interactive digital signage solution for their banking system in Mexico City. The need was to integrate over 5,000 digital screens in Mexico in 2,000 branches of their bank locations and 7 corporate buildings. Controlling all these displays was a key driver on this project using Deneva* software which would constantly communicate with the computer and pass along the serial meta data protocol from the display device to end computers running inside these branches and corporate locations. 


The solution proposed by Kolo DS integrated was the KanexPro SP-HDBT1X4 – a professional HDBaseT™ Distribution amplifier with one HDMI input and four HDBaseT outputs and a local HDMI output for daisy chaining or local monitor support, the DA is powered over Ethernet (PoE) extending uncompressed HDMI signals up to 4K/30Hz over a single CAT6 cable upto 230ft. (70m) to the receiver HDBASE70POER and equipped to run with Deneva software. HDBASE100ME and EXT-HDBTKVM100 – Point-to-point 100 meter HDMI & USB 2.0 extender over HDBaseT 


As a result of the integration, client has a complete and competitive system of control and monitoring of the media exposure of all Internal and consumer communication throughout the nation. 

Deneva Software used on KanexPro AV Products for seamless and secure transmission & control


“The outstanding versatility of KanexPro solutions, and its advanced SDK has allowed BBVA Bancomer, with DENEVA, supervise and control the full infrastructure, finally including a so sensitive and critic element such as extenders. In this way, KanexPro has become a reference company in the sector. Great job, guys!” RAFAEL HORNOS CTO of ICON Multimedia.

Deneva is the Digital Signage software platform developed by ICON MULTIMEDIA from Spain, acknowledged as one of the most robust, efficient and user-friendly solutions within the European DS market.

Deneva has been deployed in so many diverse large-scale projects along the last 20 years, in different verticals, mainly focusing its efforts in a huge expertise in Banking Retail, Transportation, and QSR environments, offering a real multi-tenant, multi-user, Omni-channel experience. 

ICON Multimedia has fully-supported the KanexPro solutions in DENEVA for this specific project and the incoming ones, integrating, in a natural way, their equipment inside the DENEVA advanced scheduling, monitoring and reporting system.

KanexPro 1X4 distribution amplifiers was an ideal solution for the application below proving signal extension over cost-effective CATx up to 230ft and delivering 4K UHD, audio, control and power over Ethernet. For control having an approved serial communication protocol allows the possibility of replacing some damaged equipment with another from the bank, regardless of whether it is a different model, the platform will not be affected and no time will be invested changing communication parameters, allowing a more efficient management of the control and monitoring system.

At corporate buildings, BBVA has more than 200 communication devices. KanexPro is being used in most of them, including all interactive displays, being extenders the KanexPro EXT- HDBTKVM100 was a key element for the usage of touch frames (via USB). It supports the latest HDCP 2.2 specs with HDBaseT 2.0 technology for extending HDMI video, audio, USB 2.0, control signals and PoH over a single CAT5e/6 cable. The PoH compliant extender comes with only one power supply, which means that, it can be powered from either Tx or Rx to save installers time and added cost to installing a power outlet.

KanexPro PRODUCTS USED for the installation.

1)SP-HDBT1X4 – 1×4 DA over HDBaseT

2)HDBASE70POER – HDBaseT receivers for each display 

3)HP Media player MP9 

4)HDMI & Category 6a cables (shielded) 

5)Flat screen displays 

6)EXT-HDBTKVM100 – 100 meter HDBaseT Extender Set with USB KVM 

7)HDBASE100ME – 100 meter HDBaseT Extender Set

8)HDBASE70POE – 70 meter HDBaseT Extender Set 

9)DP-HD4K – DisplayPort to HDMI adapter 

10)USB DB9 connectors for serial commands 

11)USB cables for serial and digital control 

12)HDMI & Category 6a cables (shielded) 

End credits and photo credits are referenced and approved by BBVA bank in Mexico City, KOLO DS and KanexPro Inc.

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