Bose RoomMatch

A series of loudspeakers from Bose.
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Bose RoomMatch

Aug 18, 2011 12:51 PM

Bose RoomMatch

Bose has introduced the RoomMatch series of array modules. Available in 15 different coverage patterns, they can be used alone or with other RoomMatch array modules to form Progressive Directivity Arrays—a new category of curvilinear arrays from Bose. They perform as a single loudspeaker to ensure optimal sound coverage for a particular listening area. RoomMatch waveguide technology directs sound precisely, reducing wall and ceiling reflections that can degrade tonal balance. Multiple, readily available waveguide patterns allow for customized sound coverage. Each loudspeaker features two 10in. woofers and six extended mid-range compression drivers. Together, they eliminate the need for the mid/high crossover, resulting in improved vocal clarity and intelligibility. The woofer uses a proprietary ultra-linear motor, a tapered port, and an individual acoustic enclosure, while the compression drivers have a proprietary Bridge Phase Plug to remove resonant modes without the use of FIR filters or complex signal processing. Price: NA




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